Packing tape for secure packaging

High quality packing tape is essential for sealing and packaging boxes and large goods. AJ Products stocks strong and easy-to-handle tapes and tape holders for all kinds of packing. Boxes in a warehouse, large goods for storage or transport or moving the office are some areas of use where good packing tape is necessary. And make sure you have good packing benches, workbenches, shelving and storage trolleys at your workplace. Here are a few examples of tapes from our range.

Allround packing tape

Our allround tapes for packing and goods handling are available in several types. The classic silver tape is easy to use and multipurpose. Adhesive tape is waterproof and tearable, making it highly user-friendly. Our transparent packing tape also has high adhesive capacity, quiet and smooth when unrolling and is suitable for all types of packaging. It also works excellently when packing cartons and for large-scale transport, such as when moving or handling goods. Our double-sided woven tape is a great choice, ideal for packaging where transparency is necessary. Our packing tapes come in small and large packs for scalable purchasing according to requirement.

Ergonomic tape holders

Equip your workplace with our metal tape holders for packing tables, a great solution for tape handling and packaging. These practical holders have a screw clamp for easy attachment to the edge of a bench. An excellent way to simplify daily packing and goods handling work. Our tape holder with sound reduction has an extra soft handle, perfect for high volume packing. Its quietness benefits both users and other employees in the area. The good ergonomics of the handle also reduces the risk of injuries for high workloads and use.