Browse Different Types of Waste Paper Bins Online

De-cluttering your workspace is very important both from business and productivity perspectives. Getting rid of clutter, be it on desks in the form of useless paper documents or in canteens in the form of food waste, always helps to maintain a clean environment. AJ Products sells a variety of waste bins in numerous designs and with different functions, which you can invest in to reduce workspace clutter. If you want to buy wheelie bin, waste paper baskets, cigarette bins, etc., the following are a few popular types to check out before you head towards the online shopping basket.

Waste Paper Baskets

At AJ products, we sell the must-have waste paper baskets, which are not only suitable for offices but can also be used at home. They are available in sturdy metal mesh designs, thus making them suitable for use over a long period of time without getting spoilt. They are most effective for throwing away waste in the form of paper and discarded stationery that accumulates on your desk throughout the work day. Go through our small bin options to choose a size and style that suits you.

Waste Bins

At AJ Products we sellvarious types of waste bins including waste paper bins, waste bins with ashtrays, bins with swing lids and more. There are options available in plastic, aluminium and steel. We sell waste bins that offer a variety of specific functionalities. You can invest in round safe-waste bins, which are fire resistant and help to disrupt the oxygen flow inside the bin; this means that, in the event of a bin fire, flames are suffocated before they spread. These bins are also scratch resistant and long-lasting. Another type is waste bins with swinging lids, which you can buy for offices, kitchens, toilets and other spaces. The lids swing both ways for easy access and can be removed for easy bin cleaning. For more details about these products and other options, contact us or leave us a message.

Cigarette bins

With our cigarette bins that have built-in ashtrays, you can also maintain a clean environment in your outdoor office smoking zones by keeping the floor clean from litter as well as cigarette butts. The bins have a stylish and cylindrical design, thus making them attractive as well as space-saving. The top consists of are movable ashtray so that the bins can be easily cleaned. Make sure you thoroughly read all product specifications on our website and buy the most suitable ones. The bins are available in materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, and others. The specifications are shown in detail above our product categories and they will help you to properly choose waste bins. Apart from the varieties described above, businesses can also invest in other types such as wallmounted bins, recycling containers, refuse bag holders, etc. It is easy for you to buy these bins by browsing our website to select products depending on your preferences and the specifications required.