Transform Your Small Office: Space-Saving Tips & Tricks

Compact Living in a Small Office - Maximise Your Space!

In a small office, every square metre is important when it comes to furnishing. With smart furniture and vertical storage, even the smallest room can be transformed into a functional workspace. Make the most of floor space with space-saving, efficient office furnishings. Small desks and multifunctional furniture help you utilise every inch of space.
En kvinna sitter vid ett skrivbord utrustat med bordsskärmar och utför datorarbete

Small desks for compact living

When desks are placed close together, desk screens create a somewhat private space and reduce distractions from the surroundings. Choose sound-absorbing screens to dampen noise levels. Desk screens can also be used as bulletin boards.

Small triangular corner desks take up little space and allow you to use unused corners. With a small height-adjustable desk, you also get an ergonomic workspace. Four corner desks can also be combined into a workgroup with screens in between. Perfect for the small office.

How to optimise your desk storage

How to Optimise Your Desk Storage

Meetings in a Small Office

You may need to fit a meeting table for clients or colleagues. A larger desk with a curved tabletop  is a space-efficient alternative. It provides plenty of workspace at one end and room for visitors at the other.

standing table  takes up less space than a large conference table and works perfectly for shorter meetings. Stand up during the meeting or add high stools that can be pushed under the table when not in use.

Space saving storage

Choose cabinets with sliding or roller doors if you want closed storage. This frees up more floor and wall space than doors that open outward and makes the room feel larger. It also eliminates the problem of storage cabinets that cannot be fully opened because it is too cramped. Additionally, it gives a tidy impression when office supplies are hidden.

For items you use frequently, a mobile pedestal on wheels is a good storage option. The rolling pedestal is easy to hide under the desktop where it is out of the way and can be moved if needed elsewhere. Use a CPU holder for your computer so it does not take up desk space or get in the way on the floor.

Want to know more about storage cabinets?

Tre vägghyllor med svarta konsoler monterade i en lodrät rad

Maximise Wall Storage

Build upwards if floor space is limited. With floor-to-ceiling storage, you get maximum space in a small area. Wall-mounted shelf systems with tracks are easy to adjust according to the room. You can choose to have just a few shelves or cover an entire wall.

Wall-mounted shelves and cabinets are also perfect for small spaces. Think about which unused spaces can be utilised. Why not mount some shelves above the desk or door?

Wall-mounted brochure racks can be used for incoming mail or forms, taking up much less space than traditional mail sorting cabinets and form shelves.

For outerwear and bags, wall-mounted hallway storage is the best option. A coat hanger mounted under a hat shelf with hooks provides plenty of storage in a small area.

Folding furniture saves space

With a few folding chairs and a collapsible table, you can quickly create extra seating when needed, and the furniture takes up minimal space when folded. Lack a separate storage area for folding chairs? Hang them on a hook on the wall!

A multifunctional flipchart stand that can be folded into a table always provides extra space when needed. The stand functions not only as a flip chart holder and extra table but can also be used as a whiteboard or magnetic bulletin board.

Fyra triangelformade skrivbord med bordsskärmar placerade som en platsbesparande arbetsgrupp
NOVUS corner desk.
A girl is retrieving a storage box from a cabinet with sliding doors.
FLEXUS cabinet with sliding doors.

Here is Some Inspiration for a Small Office

  • Use height-adjustable corner desks.
  • Folding furniture saves space.
  • Furniture on wheels can be moved when not needed.
  • Shelves and hooks mounted on the wall save space.
  • Try to find multifunctional furniture.
  • Use light and pleasant colors.
  • Keep a uniform style for the furniture to avoid a cluttered impression.

If you need help furnishing your office, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!


To maximise space in a small office, use compact and multifunctional furniture, vertical storage solutions, and keep the area organised. Consider using height-adjustable desks, wall-mounted shelves, and folding furniture to save space.
Space-saving furniture options include corner desks, mobile pedestals, sliding door cabinets, and folding chairs and tables. These pieces help utilise every inch of space efficiently.
To create a functional workspace, focus on ergonomic furniture that promotes comfort and productivity. Use vertical storage to keep the floor space clear, and maintain a clean, organised environment.
Keep your small office organised by regularly decluttering, using multifunctional furniture, and maintaining a clean desk policy. Implement storage solutions that help keep items in their designated places and avoid overcrowding the space.
To make a small office look larger, use light and neutral colours, ensure adequate lighting, and keep the space tidy. Incorporate mirrors, use vertical storage, and choose furniture with sleek designs to create an open and airy feel.

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