Desk screen ZIP CALM

1600x650 mm, light grey with black zipper

Art. no.: 129761
  • Available in different designs
  • A-rated for sound absorption
  • Exclusive wool-like upholstery
Desk screens with wool-like upholstery and a decorative zipper. Filled with 100% PET and A-rated for sound absorption by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Desk bracket sold separately.
This product is no longer available.
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Product information

These modern, stylish and exclusive desk screens are designed for optimal sound absorption. They are ideal for creating effective and tasteful personal spaces in the workplace. They provide a good level of protection from background noise as well as a degree of privacy without isolating you from your surroundings. At the same time, the shape and colour of the screens add extra character to the room. You can easily attach the screens directly to the desktop using desk brackets (sold separately) that fit all desktops up to 50 mm thick. Thy are simple to move around as needed.

The desk screens have a wooden frame filled with sound-absorbent material made of 100% recycled PET. The insulating material is tested and A-classified for sound absorption by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, which is a leading international research institute. The screens are upholstered in a wool-like fabric that gives a luxurious feel and have decorative black zippers around the edges.

A wide selection of different colours lets you create a flexible solution to suit your needs. The desk screens are ideal in almost any environment where the noise level is often high and there are many people sharing one space, such as in an open-plan office. Attach desk screens to both the short and the long side of a desk for maximum privacy or use only one screen for a more open solution. The screens can also be used as personal notice boards!

Distance from the desk top to the screen top: 450 mm. Distance from the underside of the desk top to the bottom edge of the screen: approx. 180 mm (depending on the thickness of the desk top).


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Product specifications

  • Height:650 mm
  • Width:1600 mm
  • Thickness:40 mm
  • Colour:Light grey
  • Cover material:Fabric
  • Material specification:Gabriel - Hush 60158
  • Composition:80% Polyester/20% Viscose
  • Zip colour:Black
  • Padding material:PET
  • Weight:7.5 kg
  • Testing:ISO 354