Buy Folding Chairs Online

These days, an office may have a meeting room that is used for conferences, brainstorming sessions and discussing problems as well as for recreational activities. In order to use the same space for different purposes, the furniture present needs to be easily adaptable. Hence, at AJ Products, we aim to provide a wide range of quality folding furniture that allows you to make optimum use of the available space, at the right price. From folding conference chairs to folding canteen tables, you can purchase any furniture item in various styles, shapes and sizes. Read the following to learn more about chairs and create a flexible solution for your workplace.

Wooden chairs

If you are looking for chairs that can add a classic touch to your break room or café, our wooden folding chairs are an ideal solution. We provide these chairs with folding frames, which makes it easy for you to put them away when not in use. As these are equipped with slatted backrests, you can even hang them on walls to save on floor space. For more information about these chairs, click on the individual product specifications.

Stable folding chairs

Similar to our wooden chairs, we provide these chairs with stable folding frames, comfortable plastic seats and backrests. As plastic is easy to maintain and durable, you can use these as canteen chairs in your lunchroom. The chair’s frame is made of steel and is grey in colour. We provide these chairs in three colours: white, blue and black. Select the ones that suit your existing workplace interiors. If you have any doubts or require more details, please contact us.

Kristoffer Folding Chair

Our Kristoffer folding chairs are suitable for indoor use. Similar to our other chairs, they are also equipped with a folding frame, which is chrome in colour and made of steel. For added comfort, we provide these chairs with padded seats and backrests. Select from colours such as black, blue and grey. Folding chairs are ideal not only for making optimum use of space, but also providing additional seating on an ad-hoc basis. For easy transportation and storage of these chairs, you can even purchase our chair trolleys. As well as these, browse through our wide range of quality office chairs, desks, collapsible tables, etc. for a complete office solution.