How to hold successful hybrid meetings

How to hold successful digital hybrid meetings

What are the challenges of digital hybrid meetings? Having some participants join online while others are present together in the office can lead to a few challenges, especially when it comes to the technical aspects of how to share a screen and get the sound right if there are several people in the same place.
Most people today feel quite comfortable with how to perform and participate in a digital meeting. There are no longer any major concerns and you have learned by now to adapt when the technology is complicated or if you happen to talk at the same time as another participant. But when it comes to hybrid meetings, there are things that you may not have thought of that can be helpful in order to navigate a meeting with common sense and etiquette. We have listed some practical tips that can improve the overall experience and quality of hybrid meetings.
1. Test the technology well in advance of the meeting to give yourself time to resolve any technical issues. Make sure all participants have been informed if they need to download an app or create an account.
2. If there are several people sitting in the same room, use one screen per participant. The risk otherwise is that participants who are sitting at a distance may experience a feeling of being outside of the group despite being in the room and could miss important things that are said on camera if there are lots of people present. However, you should ask people to mute their microphones unless they are speaking to avoid feedback.
Woman sitting on a sofa taking a video call in the office
3. Be clear about the purpose of the meeting, the agenda and the expectations beforehand. During the meeting, remember to keep eye contact with the person you are talking to, just as you would at a physical meeting.
4. If it is a longer meeting, leave time for a break and be clear before the meeting when the planned breaks will be. Otherwise you can easily get tired and lose focus, and thus lose the participants' interest and attention whether they’re in the room or remote.
5. Make sure that everyone is able to speak, paying particular attention to those not present in person. Encourage participants to use the chat function to capture and include those who do not get the chance to talk or who want to contribute to the conversation without interrupting the speaker.