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Improve safety and security on your business premises


At AJ Products we offer an extensive range of security, health and safety products to improve site safety, reduce workplace accidents and restrict unauthorised access. These include perimeter barriers, hazard warning tape, first aid equipment, warning mirrors, strip curtains and more.


First aid supplies for quick reaction to accidents


Make sure your workplace is HSE compliant by having the necessary first aid equipment to hand. A fully stocked medical kit allows you to react fast when accidents inevitably occur. What you should keep in your work first aid kit will depend on your business and the work carried out on your premises. For example, eyewash is essential in workplaces with a high volume of airborne dust and particles or in industrial environments where chemicals are often handled. In an office, a basic medical box will likely be sufficient. Your first aid station should be clearly marked and within easy reach.


Prevent accidents at work with hazard warning equipment


Highlighting hazards is a simple but effective way to reduce the risk of accidents. Hazard warning tape and/or anti slip tape can be used to mark uneven floors, steps, low ceilings and other hazards. It can also be used to outline loading bays, pedestrian walkways and escape routes. High visibility foam protection can also be used to mark beams at head height, sharp corners and more. The hi-vis colours warn staff and visitors of high-risk areas while the foam protects both people and equipment where collisions are unpreventable. Floor signs can be used to point out a wide variety of warnings to prevent risky taking and ensure compliance with HSE guidelines.


Restrict access with perimeter barriers


Our modular mesh partitioning is ideal for use as indoor security fencing to protect hazardous or expensive equipment by restricting access. Machine guards maintain a safe distance between passing pedestrian walkways and dangerous machinery. This offers the dual benefit of increasing safety for staff and visitors as well as security for the goods or equipment stored behind the machine guard fence.


Improve site safety with industrial safety mirrors


Warehouse mirrors allow forklift drivers and pedestrians to see what is around the corner so that the risk of accidents is reduced. An industrial warning mirror is a simple way to improve visibility in pallet racking aisles as well as outside on forecourts and loading docks. They can also be used to monitor stock in retail stores in order to give staff a better overview of the shop floor and prevent casual theft.


Create an effective but flexible barrier with strip curtains


PVC strip curtains are an ideal protective barrier against fumes, dust, draughts and even noise. They can be used for internal or external doorways and suit a wide range of purposes. They are recommended for use in factories to reduce noise, warehouses to keep the heat in (or out), shops to separate the shop floor from the stockroom and in any number of other environments. Additionally, either welding strip curtains or industrial screens can be used to protect against sparks and bright light from welding activities. Choose from a wide selection of health and safety equipment from AJ Product to improve site security and reduce the risk of accidents in your workplace. If you can’t immediately find what you need on our website, you can chat with us online or give us a call to get suggestions on the best solution for your needs from our expert customer service team.