The remote office

The remote office

A remote office is ideal for anyone who doesn’t need a physical workplace. It is the most flexible way of working, where all work is done off-site, either from home or from a remote “hub”. The technical set up is the most important thing to get right to be able to perform your work properly and create a home office from anywhere. To help you navigate this way of working, we have put together a starter kit with everything from an interview and articles, to guides, templates and policies that you can pick freely from and adapt to your remote offices.

From an HR perspective

We asked an HR expert about what it is like to work remotely. See Else-Marie's answers and tips on some of the most important questions. 

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Woman sitting at a home office desk

Social community

How do you keep the sense of community and collaboration alive without a physical workspace? We have some tips!


Check out our policy template for remote working and use it as a guide to design your own policy.  

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Get feedback on your coworkers’ experience of working remotely. We have created a survey with questions for you to use to take a pulse check of remote work. You can pick and choose the best questions for your business. Download our survey.

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Virtual meetings

Read our article on the challenges of digital meetings and our tips for how to make them more efficient and problem free.  

Four interior decorating tips to take with you

A proper chair is a must for all offices - even the home office.


Make sure that your home office does not hinder your work. The desk the central part of your work setup and your body will thank you for investing in an ergonomic solution, such as a sit-stand desk.

Sit-stand desk  with lamp and office chair in a home office
Office chair MARLOW
Small corner desk and office chair in a home office
Corner desk NOVUS


For anyone working on just a laptop without an additional screen, it is important to make sure the computer is at a comfortable working height. A simple laptop stand gives you a better and more ergonomic angle that prevents you from getting a sore neck.


If you have limited space at home, a height-adjustable stool can be a solution that both saves space and allows you to vary your working position, helping to reduce the risk of future back and neck problems.

Selection of active office chairs
Do you need inspiration, advice or practical help with designing your interior layout at work? Contact us and we will help you furnish your workplace to best support your business.

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