Policy for remote working

Policy for remote working

By having a policy for remote work, you can create better conditions and guidelines for your business and adapt it to a way of working that suits your business. We have developed a simple template with short descriptions that can be filled in or used as a guide for creating your own policy.

Start with an introduction as to why the policy was developed.


Describe in brief why this policy has been developed for your business. Define what constitutes remote working and explain the reason for choosing remote work.

Purpose and goals of the policy

Clarify the purpose and goals of your remote work policy and what your guidelines are based on. Describe how the policy will be used in your business, who it applies to, how employees are expected to work and how you will collaborate when there is a need.


Describe the background to and reasons for the policy, such as: changing work methods after the pandemic, re-evaluation of work efficiency, better work-life balance, etc.

Guidelines and recommendations for remote work

Detail the rules and guidelines that apply to remote work for your business. What are the expectations from you as an employer to your employees and vice versa? You should include guidance on working hours, processes, appropriate workplaces, meetings, collaborating with coworkers, the work environment, equipment, health and any other areas that you feel are important. Everything you expect your employees to do or not do should be covered clearly here. You should also be clear as to what you, as an employer, will provide.

Guidelines and recommendations for a safe and secure work environment

What can you offer your employees to ensure a good working environment when working remotely? Where do you draw the line between work and leisure? How do you follow up on employees' wellbeing and performance?

Evaluation and follow-up

Explain how you will follow up on the policy to evaluate its effectiveness and ensure that it is followed by employees and managers alike. Set out a structure for how you can adapt the policy if you identify any issues with it and to suit new needs in future.

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