Sofas the way you want them, that's VARIETY

Sofas the way you want them, that's VARIETY

Modern, adaptable and extendable – that's a fitting description for our new modular sofa series: VARIETY. With its inviting and well-thought-out design, it's perfect for any space, however large or small. Whether you need a place for a meeting, collaborating or for taking a well-earned break, VARIETY has a lot to offer. The solutions are endless!

The only limit is your imagination

The modules in the VARIETY series can be combined into seating units of any size and placed anywhere in the room: along a wall or in the middle of the room. That means it doesn't matter what size your room is; whether it's a small or a large space, VARIETY can be adapted accordingly. You can design VARIETY to fit your room or design your room around VARIETY!

Here are some examples of how you can combine the modules to create the best seating solution for your needs.

Bench seat that curves around a wall
Two corner sofas on a white background

Furnish in or around corners

Do you need a lot of seating in a small space? Do you need to keep as much floor space free as possible? Corner modules can solve the problem. They are ideal in and around corners and can be combined with straight modules to create a seating solution that hugs your walls. The great thing is by building a sofa this way, you can choose the number of seats you need and extend as required, so you can create a sofa with enough space for everyone!

VARIETY is available in several fabrics. Read more

A grey circular sofa with plants in the middle
Two curved sofas, one blue, one green, on a white background
Half circle sectional sofa in burgundy fabric
Curved S-shaped sofa that is half yellow and half blue
Three people sitting and working in a breakout area with large round seats
Blue sofa against a wall with a beige pouffe and black coffee table

Create uniformity

Furnishing with a combination of independent sofas and smaller modules allows you to quickly rearrange the room and is perfect for lot of different types of gatherings.

The VARIETY sofa with armrests can be used independently and is ideal for anyone looking for a traditional seating configuration. Even though this sofa is not extendable, it still matches perfectly with pouffes, stools or modular sofas in the series. All the different shapes and sizes are designed to give a uniform look regardless of how you choose to combine them.

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Long curved sofa with different coloured modules

Long-term investment

The modules can be reconfigured or extended over time as needs change. Perhaps you are moving your business to new premises, which needs a completely different furnishing solution? In that case you can easily put the sofa together in a new design, extend it or complete it with additional seats as you prefer.

Discover all of VARIETY

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You can always turn to us at AJ Products if you need help with a project design solution customised to your business. Contact us if you have questions about fabric choice, need inspiration or simply want to know which options would best suit your premises. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about your options.
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