Office Accessories that Can Improve Workplace Aesthetics

Office Accessories that Can Improve Workplace Aesthetics

The aesthetics of a work space can define the company culture. Office aesthetics can also impact employee performance. Setting up a workplace can be expensive and it would not be feasible for a startup to spend a large amount of capital on furnishings. However, if the work space is poorly designed employee performance will suffer (Hann, 2011 ¹). Organisations should find a balance between practical function and aesthetic appeal. Instead of a complete overhaul, office interiors can be improved by adding the correct accessories. Mentioned below are a few office accessories that can be used to improve the aesthetics of an office while also offering functionality:

Office Chair Mats

Some older floor tiles contain asbestos fibres. The castors on office chairs can damage such tiles and release dangerous asbestos fibres into the air (Back Designs, 2009 ²). Office chairs can also damage hardwood floors. Organisations can prevent damage to the floor and cover up existing damage, by making use of office chair mats. Such mats are both practical as well as economical and companies can easily improve the appearance of their interiors by making use of them.

Rubber Entrance Mats

The weather in the United Kingdom is known to be temperamental: sometimes it feels as if it rains all year round! Entrance mats are an effective way of reducing the amount of dirt and moisture that comes into the office. Employees and visitors can use rubber door mats to scrape off dirt, dust and excess water from their shoes before they enter the work premises. This would reduce the chances of slips, trips and falls due to wet floors and stop the floor getting dirty (Health and Safety Executive, n.d. ³). Different types of matting are available and organisations should invest in an outdoor door mat for external areas to ensure the mat does not get damaged by moisture and rain. A clean workplace makes a better impression on employees as well as visitors.

Notice Boards

Notice boards are available in a variety of colours. A large notice board can be used to create a focal point in a room. Furthermore, they can be used to cover up parts of the wall where the paint is peeling or that have suffered water damage. These boards also perform a practical function: they can be used to communicate office wide memos. Teams within an organisation can use notice boards to keep their tasks and objectives prominently displayed.

Wall Clocks

These days most people tell the time by looking at their mobile phones or their computers. Despite this, wall clocks still have a place in work place design. For example, organisations that deal with international clients can use wall clocks to show the time in different time zones for the convenience of their employees. These clocks should be placed where they are easily visible. The right clock can give the space a professional look.

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