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From the moment a guest walks inside your hotel, office building, retail store or any other commercial environment, a first impression is formed. The overall aesthetics and functionality of the place are taken into consideration. In order to make sure your workplace is visually appealing and functional, you might prioritise the furniture in your reception area or meeting room. However, one of the items that might go unnoticed is the entrance matting. This matting is, in fact, essential as it has the potential to vastly decrease the risk of slips, trips and falls. Hence, at AJ Products we provide commercial entrance mats that are easy to clean, durable and can suit varied working environments. Read the following points to learn more about our different types of mats.

Entrance Mats

Our entrance mats are suitable for areas with high traffic such as warehouses, gyms, exhibition halls and others. These mats are available in many different materials and offer a range of properties to suit use indoors or outdoors. Some consist of a resilient nylon or polypropylene pile that can help absorb dirt and moisture, which reduces the risk of slipping and floor abrasion. Our commercial door mats are backed with hard-wearing rubber or vinyl to prevent them from skidding on the floor. Other mats are available made entirely of rubber or PVC. These options offer more aggressive scraping properties to remove mud and debris from shoes. In order to clean them, you can wash them in a machine, use a vacuum cleaner or hose them down with water. Most of our entrance mats are available in a range of colours. Contact us if you require any help with selecting a suitable option.

Heavy duty entrance mats

Our heavy duty entrance mats are suitable for indoor usage such as in doorways, entrance doors and reception areas with heavy foot traffic. We provide these mats with polypropylene fibres that help effectively scrape the dirt from shoes onto the carpet surface, which can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Also, as these mats have slip-resistant PVC backing, it reduces the risk of tripping. These mats are available in a choice of colours; choose the ones that suit your existing interiors. If you are looking for mats especially for warehouses and workshops, our industrial mats may be a more suitable option. This is because most of these floor mats are made of hardwearing materials that are easy to clean, hygienic and offer insulation against cold concrete floors. Contact us or click on individual product specifications to get more information on sizes, prices or suitability.

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