Products that reduce noise in the office

Products that reduce noise in the office

Disruptive noise in the workplace is a common problem, not least in open-plan offices. A poor acoustic environment can have a negative effect on concentration and memory and reduce efficiency, but there are solutions. Equip your office with products that dampen sound and create a more pleasant work environment.
Office with sound-absorbent floor screens and acoustic panels

Reducing noise in the office

Locate the most disturbing sources of noise and install furniture and fittings that will absorb sound. Printers, photocopiers, and other similar equipment produce noise that can be perceived as disturbing. Try to keep these items some distance away from the workstations, preferably in a separate room or with some furniture in between.

Open bookshelves filled with books, binders and other items help reduce noise, while closed storage units with hard doors reflect sound and can create annoying reverberations.

All types of textiles reduce sound levels. A good rule of thumb is the more fabric and folds the better. Curtains, wall-hangings and rugs create a more pleasant and comfortable office environment while also absorbing sound.

Upholstered furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, and fabric-covered office chairs, also have a positive effect on reducing sound levels. Another option is sound-absorbent sofas with high sides that offer some privacy and noise reduction materials.

Screening out the sounds

Sound-absorbent floor screens break up the sound waves travelling across the room and improve the acoustic environment. Ideal locations for floor screens include between desks to screen off workstations and around a seating area where meetings and discussions often take place. They also make excellent room dividers.

If you want to use the screen for more than sound absorption, a magnetic glass writing board with a sound-absorbent back is a good choice. You can write notes directly on the board and attach documents and printouts with magnets. Because the writing board has castors, it is easy to move it to other locations when needed.

Desk screens that are mounted on the desktop take up less space than floor screens, but are just as effective at absorbing sound. Desk screens are ideal for height-adjustable desks because the screen moves with the desk when it is raised and lowered. Desk screens are available in different colours and can be used as both a notice board and an inspiration wall.

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Wall covered with acoustic panels in different colours

Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings

Using the walls of the room is a simple and effective way of dampening the noise levels in the office. Acoustic panels can be mounted on the walls to reduce noise and can also be used as notice boards. Wall panels that are mounted a small distance away from the wall allow the sound waves to pass through. The waves then bounce off the wall and pass through the panel again. This provides highly effective double sound attenuation.

In the right colours and shapes, acoustic wall panels also function as stylish interior features and, of course, this also applies in particular to sound-absorbent panels with printed motifs. They brighten up an empty wall while fulfilling an important function. Other options including wall hangings with a variety of decorative patterns.

If there is not enough space on the wall, you can opt for ceiling panels instead. Whether the best option is a model that is mounted directly on the ceiling or a suspended panel will depend on the design of the room and the ceiling height. Cylinders that are hung at different heights create an exciting and dynamic impression.

Good habits make a positive impact

sounds of phones ringing and computers beeping can be annoying to colleagues, even if you yourself are not disturbed. It also helps create an inclusive workplace for neurodiverse team members by reducing the noise levels. If you have a business phone, you can still be alerted to incoming calls by switching your mobile to vibrate only mode and leaving it in your pocket, or silent mode and letting the screen light up.

Make sure that chairs on hard floors are fitted with felt pads to prevent them from making annoying scratching noises.

Avoid having meetings at your desk if possible. Instead, you should book a meeting room or go to an area where no one will be disturbed. Perhaps you can use the canteen as a meeting room?

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