Mobile glass board MARY with acoustic panel

1500x1960 mm, yellow

Art. no.: 3803905
  • Unique and versatile
  • Magnetic writing board
  • Feet and wheels included
Get form and function in one with a mobile, magnetic glass writing board that features a fabric-covered, sound-absorbent back and half-panel front. It creates a better soundscape while also adding a modern flair to a functional classic.
Colour: Yellow
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7 year warranty

Product information

Use it to write on, as a partition and to absorb noise!

With this writing board, you get a versatile glass board that adds stylish and modern design while offering a practical application. The mobile board is used as a normal glass writing board on the upper half of one side. The writing surface is magnetic and you can write or draw on it with marker pens just like on a regular whiteboard. The glass is easy to write on and the ink is easy to wipe off without leaving any traces.

The whole of the other side has sound-absorbent insulation and is covered in fabric, which provides effective sound absorption in loud and busy environments. This makes the writing board perfect for schools and offices. Create a room within a room by using the glass writing board as a partition to reduce background noise while still being able to use it for writing. It is a practical solution for smaller rooms as it is quick and easy to move it into position or push aside.
The side of the board that features the writing surface is also partly covered with sound-absorbing insulation and fabric, which means that sound waves coming from either direction are trapped.

Match it to your interior décor or make a change by choosing a contrasting colour, with these writing boards you have a great selection to choose from. If you need more than one board, you can combine different shades or opt for one uniform colour.


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Product specifications

  • Height:1960 mm
  • Width:1500 mm
  • Thickness:45 mm
  • Writing surface format:1500x1200 mm
  • Colour:Yellow
  • Material:Fabric
  • Composition:100% Wool
  • Writing surface material:Glass
  • Function:With magnetic function
  • Weight:57 kg
  • Assembly:Delivered unassembled