Air hose reels for connection to compressed air

An air hose reel is a convenient way to store air hose for connection to an air compressor. A vast array of tools can be powered by an air compressor to facilitate everything from painting to drilling. It is a tool that provides speed and precision for a range of applications and is particularly useful for the auto repair trade, manufacturing and assembly, construction and maintenance. We have a choice of hose lengths available to suit your needs.

Wall mounted hose pipe

Our wall-mounted air hose reels come in 7 and 15 metre versions with a maximum pressure of 12 or 20 bar respectively. On both models, the hose locks in place automatically once deployed to the required length and then retracts conveniently when not in use. The casing is made of polypropylene and comes with a swivel attachment for mounting the air compressor reel to the wall or ceiling.

Floor-standing hose pipe holder

We also offer a 30-metre industrial air hose reel, which comes with a floor stand and provides flexible connection for pneumatic tools no matter where you need to use them in the workshop or garage. A return spring mechanism means that the hose automatically retracts when you’ve finished using it. It has a maximum pressure of 16 bar.

Air powered water hose reel

Available in a 20 or 40 metre version, our retractable water hose is designed for connection to an air compressor and comes complete with a hand-operated water wash gun attachment for high-pressure water delivery. The case is made of durable polyethylene and is designed for wall or ceiling mounting. The attachment bracket allows the hose pipe reel to pivot so that you can angle it as needed. Once you have chosen an appropriate air compressor retractable hose reel, make sure you have the right air tools to facilitate your assembly and repair work. At AJ Products, we offer a range of pneumatic hand tools including an air-powered impact wrench, paint spray gun, air hammer chisel and much more. Browse the full range online or contact us for assistance. Delivery is free and fast to mainland UK.