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Workbenches are necessary for warehouses, garages and other environments where manual work is carried out. This is because these benches can withstand frequent use of heavy equipment and other machinery, thus proving to be a worthwhile investment. At AJ Products we provide workbenches that are durable and suitable for demanding environments. Read the following points to discover more about our different types of workbench and find the ones that suit you the best.

Combo Workbenches

If you are looking for workbenches that can be easily customised, our Combo workbenches are an ideal choice. These are easy to assemble and do not require any bolts or screws. As these workbenches are available with a full-size bottom shelf, you have a lot of storage space under your working surface. Our Combo workbenches are made of sturdy particleboard and come with a grey, powder-coated steel frame. You can even purchase a tool panel that can be attached to the bench sides. This can help you streamline your work. We provide Combo workbenches in a variety of sizes. Contact us to help you find a suitable one.

Height Adjustable

Workbenches Working on conventional workbenches can make your employees tired, less energetic and prone to aches and pains. Hence, we provide height adjustable workbenches that can help you avoid such problems. Our workbenches are equipped with electric motors that allow their users to adjust the height at the push of a button. Consequently, your employees can switch positions to achieve varying heights while working, allowing them to sit or stand. Our workbenches have high-pressure laminate worktops, which are durable and easy to clean. The worktops are available in different colours; choose one that matches or contrasts your existing interiors. You can purchase accessories such as shelves, tool panels and others, which are sold separately. Click on the product specifications to find out more about these benches.

Package deal

The workbenches in our package deal are a practical solution if you are looking for durability with easily accessible storage. We provide workbenches in this deal with suspended drawers that come with a lock and a pair of keys. These storage solutions can help employees easily access their tools and equipment whenever needed. The workbenches come with steel frames and a choice of worktops suitable for energy-intensive environments. These benches come with adjustable legs that can allow your employees to attain a comfortable working position. You can even add floor mats that can reduce strain on employees’ legs while standing and working. Contact us to help you find a suitable package deal.