Factory Chairs for workshops and warehouses

Well-made seating plays an important role when it comes to the health and well-being of your company's workforce. Ensure that back pain and musculoskeletal conditions related to bad posture are kept at bay with the help of quality factory chairs and stools from AJ Products. Choose from a wide selection of seat heights and materials to find the chair or stool that best suits your needs, whether it's for a workshop, garage, laboratory or any other demanding job.

Workshop stools

Our versatile stools are perfect for industrial, engineering and workshop environments. Our range includes height adjustable stools, which allow you to adapt the chair to your body and work tasks easily. Our industrial seating is fitted with an adjustable foot ring to provide optimum support for your legs and feet throughout your working day or with swivel casters to allow the chair to move around between different workstations.

Industrial seating for your warehouse

Durable industrial chairs for heavy-duty, demanding environments. The chair has ergonomic features and excellent adjustment options for superior comfort. Our flexible task chairs have outstanding adjustable features that are easy to adapt to each user's needs for an optimal working position. Our range of high chairs includes wooden and polyurethane seating that is easy to clean.

Draughtsman and factory chairs

We stock a wide range of seating from medium back draughter chairs and polyurethane professional seating through to clean room chairs and ergonomic anti-static chairs. Workers that are forced to stand up to perform tasks can make use of our stand-up seats, which relieve the back and legs. When have you chosen your factory chair, why not take the opportunity to check out the full range of warehouse and industry products here at AJ Products UK? You will find all the essential workplace products for any business needs from warehouse racking and material handling and lifting equipment to office furniture.

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