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Shelving & Racking Systems

Racking shelving systems for different workplaces


Imagine an office where files are piled up on employees’ desks, or a library that lacks sufficient shelves to display books and magazines. These places may look messy and consume individuals’ time looking for what they need. Hence, it is important to purchase proper solutions that can help keep workplaces organised and safely store documents and equipment. At AJ Products, we provide quality racking shelving systems that are suitable for varied environments such as offices, libraries, retail shops, warehouses and many more. Read the following points to learn more about our types of shelving systems for different workplaces.


Archive and Office Shelving


Our office shelving systems include light shelving units that are convenient to use and provide versatile storage. With these, your employees can store files, folders, books, office supplies and more. These shelves are made of powder coated steel; they come with side panels and rear bracing. Your staff can even adjust the height of these shelves for maximum flexibility. As well as these office shelves, we also provide archive shelving units that can accommodate 10 boxes on each shelf. These units are made of galvanised steel, which makes them sturdy and durable. Galvanised shelves are also less likely to accumulate dust and dirt than chipboard. Archive shelving units are easy to assemble as they have a boltless construction. You can even purchase add-on units to extend the existing shelving. Our archive and office shelving systems are available in various sizes. Contact us to find out more about our shelving systems.


Warehouse shelving


Our warehouse shelving systems include different types of shelves such as Combo, Widespan, Power, etc. Our Combo shelving unitsare supplied with perforated uprights so shelves can easily be hooked onto the frame as required. These shelves are constructed using strong beams and thick particleboard; they can be easily assembled without bolts, end frames or rear braces. Our Widespan shelving systems are made of galvanised sheet steel. These are an ideal option for storing large spare parts, tools and equipment. You can even purchase add-on units for extending shelving units. Employees can fit shelves between the pre-assembled end frames according to the business’ requirements for customised storage. Click on the individual product specifications to discover more about our shelving systems for different workplaces.