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Canteen Chairs for Workplaces

Every employee wants to take a break in a space that makes him or her feel at ease. This is possible if, as an employer, you design attractive and comfort-providing break spaces in your office. One way to do this is by investing in trendy-looking canteen furniture including tables, chairs, wooden screens and even bar stools. For these reasons, at AJ Products we sell a wide variety of canteen furniture. Read on to learn more about the different types of canteen chairs sold.

Restaurant Chairs

AJ Products sells stylish and sturdy restaurant chairs, which are not only ideal for office break rooms but also can be used by other businesses such as cafés, pubs, lounges, etc. Make your dedicated area look more elegant by using these chairs. We have numerous canteen chairs that have an upholstered seat, along with a tubular frame, padded backrest and well-padded seat. Apart from break rooms and canteen spaces, these upholstered chairs are perfect for banquets, conferences, seminar sessions, monthly activities, etc. These chairs are stackable, thus saving space. This can also prove to be a benefit while cleaning floors. The option of stacking the chairs is further simplified with the help of an integrated carrying handle at the back so you can lift them easily.

Canteen Chairs

Throughout the course of a day, you may find that the canteen area needs to be frequently cleaned, especially after breakfast, lunch and dinner servings. As it is easy to shift lightweight furniture like folding or stackable chairs and tables, workers can easily clean the canteen room area. You can choose from a plethora of lightweight canteen chairs from us. Choose between a number of colours, shapes and sizes, to mix and match as desired. You can buy chairs with waterfall-shaped front edges, which can help your employees to sit in ease as the pressure on their thighs is reduced. Check out other canteen chairs and click on individual product images for more specifications.


Apart from canteen tables and chairs, we also sell other accessories such as additional seat cushions for added comfort, rubber or felt feet to protect the floor and chair socks to reduce scrapping noises. You can choose from a variety of such accessories to help accentuate your canteen furniture. We also sell trolley systems for efficient transportation of chairs from one place to another. In order to get the best deal from investing in office furniture such as canteen chairs and tables, go through our vast collection of these products. Contact us for further clarifications and any other details that you need.

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