What your office furniture says about your business

What your office furniture says about your business

Your office is the physical representation of your business. The design and layout can have a big influence on the productivity and wellbeing of employees as well as making an impression on your clients. It demonstrates your company culture, your priorities and your spending power. The type of office furniture that is suitable will vary from business to business, but regardless, your workplace is worth any investment you can afford to make. Smart choices and innovative ideas will create a workplace of which you can be proud no matter your budget.

Traditional furniture

Imposing, dark wood office furniture creates a reassuring atmosphere for businesses offering professional services, such as solicitors, notaries and accountants. It should be coupled with brown or black leather office chairs and waiting room furniture. This traditional look implies stability and longevity: comforting qualities to convey to clients. While many workplaces are moving towards an open plan set up, individual offices are important in this type of business to provide privacy for clients and illustrate your expertise and authority.

Active office furniture

Companies that have embraced active working send a clear signal to employees and visitors alike that this is a business that cares about its staff. By demonstrating your commitment to employee wellbeing, you will improve job satisfaction and staff retention as well as attracting the best new recruits and reassuring potential clients that your business is at the cutting edge. This type of furniture suggests a company that is always on the move: a productive company that won’t rest on its laurels. Sit-stand furniture has even been shown to improve work performance and concentration.

Flexible office layout

Flexible working shows trusts in your employees and puts an emphasis on creativity and independent thinking. As well as allowing staff to work from home and choose flexible hours, this approach can be reflected in your office furniture. In an activity-based office, employees choose their environment depending on their current task: standing up to work, sitting comfortably on a sofa, concentrating in quiet spaces or brainstorming in a purpose-built group working area. Providing choice will create a modern workplace that demonstrates the company’s ability to move with the times and change old ways of thinking if it will lead to improvement.

Don’t underestimate the impact the physical workplace can have on how people view your company. The office furniture you choose can change the atmosphere of your business and make the difference between a company considered to be at the forefront of their industry and one that gets left behind.

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