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How to ensure your warehouse runs at maximum efficiency

How to ensure your warehouse runs at maximum efficiency

Do you feel that your warehouse isn’t working at peak efficiency even though your staff are hard-working and productive? Even if your warehouse team is working to capacity, storage and logistics may not be optimised in terms of ergonomics and efficiency in order to support maximum output. This means your team may be constantly striving to compensate for what the work environment lacks in adequate materials handling equipment, easy-to-access shelving and space-efficient pallet racking systems. Luckily, AJ Products has the right warehouse storage solutions to support your business.


Mattias Von der Luft is a warehouse and industry specialist in AJ Products’ project sales team. He emphasises the importance of adapting the warehouse to suit the business.


"Whether you work for an SME with a small warehouse or a large company with automated order processes, the flow is important. However, the most important things are safety and ergonomics. With the right shelving system and lifting equipment, you can create both an efficient warehouse and a safe workplace," Mattias says.

Ergonomic lifting equipment


Carrying heavy goods without the right equipment puts enormous strain on the body and is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. A lift trolley is a simple solution to this problem. This versatile piece of equipment facilitates both lifting and transport of goods to be being picked and despatched. It allows the operative to position goods at the right height quickly and easily, so you can slide goods from a shelf directly onto a platform of the same height and vice versa, reducing the risk of injury as well as damage to the goods.


"The Health and Safety Executive has regulations about ergonomics and best practice lifting procedures. Our sales team is focused on improving efficiency and ergonomics. We are industry leaders and specialists in adapting work environments to meet workplace standards and creating efficiency," Mattias continues.



The lift trolley can also double up as a mobile workstation and is an effective aid in many work tasks. We have many different types of handling and lifting equipment in our assortment that makes your work easier.

Smart shelving systems


One of the preconditions for an efficient warehouse is a shelving system adapted to the needs of the business. For example, shelves that are too deep in relation to the goods means unused shelf space and may result in the need to extend the height of the shelving to provide sufficient storage space. Not only does this waste valuable floor space that could be used for additional shelving runs, but in order to access goods stored on the highest levels, high-reach lifting equipment is required to be in constant use. The more lifting you need to do, the more energy it will use. Saving energy will save your business money and, of course, make a difference to the environment.


With our Combo, Mix and Tough shelving systems, you can customise your warehouse with options that give you flexibility and help with efficient inventory management. Our shelving systems are available in several variants to provide more space without adding unnecessary length or height, leading to greater volume utilisation and more energy saving.

Space-saving pallet racking


Our Ultimate pallet racking system is a result of AJ Product's own design and production with a unique and space-saving design that can be adapted to fit both small warehouses and large ones requiring many pallets spaces. Thanks to the design, forklift trucks don’t need to reach as high and picking is easier. Moreover, you can save on running costs for the premises as you can fit more racking into a smaller space. Mattias continues:


"Our team recently carried out a project where we helped the customer to optimise their storage space and create more picking areas to prevent overcrowding. We provided everything from dismantling of existing warehouse racking systems to delivery and installation of Ultimate pallet racking along with our own manufactured Mix shelving system."


Effective order despatch

For e-commerce businesses, our picking trolleys are practical tools that make it easier for you to pick and despatch orders for customers. The trolleys make it easy for you to access goods stored at height, organise the order and move goods to the packing area.


Our Cargo and Motion packing tables are popular choices for packing orders for distribution as packing materials are situated within comfortable and ergonomic reach of the work surface. The workbenches can be customised to the needs of each business so that the packing process is as streamlined as possible.


In the AJ Products range you will find everything you need to maximise warehouse productivity. Our project team will help you plan the best solution for your particular business, free of charge.

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