What type of shelving fits your needs?

What type of shelving fits your needs?

There are endless decisions to make when it comes to choosing the right storage for your workplace or warehouse. What capacity do you need? What type of environment will the shelving be used in? Would you like to add more storage in the future? We have brought together some questions you should ask yourself before investing in your new storage solution!

Some workplaces have great ceiling height but not much floor space, whilst others have a lack of height, but an abundance of floor space. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have both? In which case there are lots of opportunities for your storage system. But even for narrow office spaces there are tricks and solutions that, along with good planning, can help you maximise your company’s storage.

What opportunities and obstacles does the room have?

In a confined area, you can save space on the floor by building storage upwards with extra high or wall-mounted shelving. If ceiling height is a problem but you have plenty of floor space, choose extra deep shelving or lockers that have space for more things. Or utilize a back-to-back solution. If you want to hide or protect the items you are storing, choose storage with doors. A cabinet with sliding doors is perfect in tight spaces, whilst doors that open outwards are great if you want to access all the things in the cabinet at the same time. Make sure to carefully measure the height, width and depth of your room and to take into account any subtle differences in the environment, such as uneven walls, floors or pillars that may affect the room layout.

What weight does the shelving have to take?

One of the most important factors to consider is how much weight each shelf is designed to carry. Both the shelves and the beams are usually designed for evenly distributed weight - this means that the shelf supports the stated weight capacity only if what is placed on them is evenly distributed over the shelf.

If one single item of the maximum capacity is placed in the middle of the shelf, it is not guaranteed that the shelf will be able to maintain its strength. A recommendation is to choose a slightly higher capacity than you think you need, to ensure that the weight is supported fully.

Free-standing shelf or not?

If you want to be able to access the stored items from two directions then choose a free-standing storage unit that can be placed in the middle of the room. Be aware that some shelving has cross-bracing in the back to keep the unit stable - which prevents access from one side. This type of storage is therefore better used when placed against a wall. If you still want to use it as a stand-alone unit, you can place an identical unit on the opposite side. Pallet racking and heavy shelving can usually be accessed from both sides.

In what environment will the shelving be used?

The type of environment your shelving will be used in may affect the type of finish you should choose for your shelving; if the shelving system is in a dry indoor environment a simple powder coating is suitable, galvanized shelves are rust resistant and are suitable for damp areas, whilst stainless steel can be washed down and is ideal for use in sterile environments and for food storage. Chrome is relatively in-expensive and gives a nice looking finish on lighter-duty shelving and is ideal for display purposes.

Will you need more shelving in the future?

Many shelving systems are designed to be easily extended when the need for more storage arises. These types of systems are purchased in basic sections and add-on sections. One complete storage section requires only one base-section, but can be extended to any length when used in conjunction with the add-on units. This solution is great for a developing company, where the storage solution can grow as the company does.

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