Library trolleys for transporting books

Since 1975, our goal has always been to provide quality furniture at the right price. Our efforts are not limited to offices, warehouses and workshops but have now expanded to include educational environments. Our extensive range of school furniture includes school chairs, desks, lockers and much more to help create an environment that encourages students to learn. Along with the necessary furniture for classrooms, we also offer a large variety for the school library, including book trolleys. Book trolleys are a practical solution for school or preschool libraries and other environments where you need to move books around.

Book trolley for libraries

All our book trolleys have lockable wheels making them easy to move into position or roll away when needed and then lock the wheels to prevent the children from moving them themselves. Most of our trolleys are made of laminate, which is durable and does not require much maintenance. As our trolleys are double-sided, you can use them as room-dividers and place them anywhere in the room. The mobile bookshelves have a lot of advantages over traditional bookcases for toddlers. The shelves are accessible and just the right height for children to reach. Furthermore, because books are stored face forward, it makes it easy for them to select the book they want. Browse through each of these products to find the one that suits your preschool, school or library the best.

Bookcase trolley

With this bookshelf combined with a trolley, you can quickly and easily push books around when sorting them or putting them back on the shelves. The trolley has easy-roll castors and is compact and easy to manoeuvre, making it suitable for small spaces.

Mobile bookcase

Our book boxes are a modern, high-quality and space-saving version of our book trolleys. This product will allow you to quickly and easily roll them anywhere in your library or school. This book trolley can be used either in the middle of the room or against the wall. The mobile bookcases are single-sided or double-sided and offer ample storage in a limited space but can also be used to divide the room. Apart from the suggestions above, you can also browse through our extensive collection of other school furniture, which includes school desks, preschool tables, lunchroom tables and much more.