School desks and tables

Classroom desks

A classroom desk must be able to withstand constant use year after year by students who often have little regard for the school furniture. Hardwearing surfaces and sturdy frames are essential. Different shapes and sizes will suit different types of classrooms: some will prefer individual student desks; others want tables that are designed for group work. At AJ Products, we have a range of shapes, sizes and heights to suit all needs and age groups, all with a robust construction.

School desks for children of all ages

Our range of ENVIRO classroom tables is compliant with BS EN 1729-1 and thus comes in a range of heights to cater for children from infant school to sixth form. This type of school desk is ideal for group work; two children will sit comfortably at the table and it can easily be placed together with more tables to create a larger workspace. The desks are made with a hard-wearing laminate surface and come with a 5-year guarantee.

Adjustable student desk

Many of our individual student desks come with a height adjustable frame so that they can be adapted to suit the age group of the class using them. Because they are manually adjustable, the height cannot be changed for every use, but they are simple to adapt to the recommended BS EN 1729 sizemark or to an individual child if they sit at the same school desk every day.

Exam desks

Every secondary school needs a convenient solution for handling the twice-yearly exam period. Our exam desks are lightweight and easy to fold down so that they can be stored between uses. The desks are compact so the school can fit as many students as possible in the school hall or gym but have a sturdy frame and surface so that there is no risk of collapse while the exam is underway. The desks can be stacked on a trolley so they can be more easily moved into the storage cupboard once the exams are finished.

Better classroom acoustics

Our range of SONITUS school desks is specially designed with a sound-damping linoleum surface to help reduce noise levels in the classroom from loud chatter, scrapping chair feet, banging drawers and more. By reducing the background noise, you improve concentration and productivity among both students and teachers. Furthermore, the linoleum is eco-friendly and bears the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to support its environmental credentials. As well as our wide selection of student desks, we offer classroom chairs in heights for children of all ages as well as school lockers, classroom storage, library furniture, whiteboards and more. If you would like any advice on how best to design your classroom, our project sales team are here to help. They can provide suggestions and free-of-charge planning to help you create the best possible learning environment for your students.