School and classrooom storage furniture

School storage furniture

Robust and stable storage cabinets designed to meet demanding requirements for storage and wear resistance, making them ideal for school and classroom environments. Our range of cabinets has excellent storage capacity for a variety of classroom necessities such as art equipment or stationery. Other types of storage solutions for the school include the following:

Teacher tray storage cupboards

Easily and securely store worksheets, exercise books, stationery, arts and craft materials, and more in these practical teacher’s tray storage cupboards. They could even be used for student storage if you want to control when pupils have access to their drawer. The cabinets are perfect for tiding away toys in pre-schools and nurseries as the drawer can be utilised as a portable storage box. Other features include anti-bacterial powder coating to help prevent the spread of illnesses in schools.


Bookcases are an item that is indispensable in an any educational facility. Our units are designed to meet tough storage demands and withstand wear and tear, perfect for demanding environments! If you are looking for a broader range of school library furniture, please visit our dedicated page.

Linen and mattress storage cabinets

Create efficient storage of bed accessories such as mattresses, pillows and blankets in preschools and nurseries with the help of a practical mattress cabinet. The cabinet makes it easy to find everything you need when the children go for a nap and also helps you keep the preschool environment neat and tidy.

Glass display cabinets

Create a vibrant environment with an elegant glass display cabinet that showcases beautiful ornaments, prize trophies or children’s art and projects. The tempered glass makes it perfect for a school environment. Other add-ons available include a lock for safer storage of the contents and lighting for even better exposure. We have a variety of storage solutions for classrooms perfect for tidying, organising and storing your equipment and your students’ belongings too. When you have chosen your storage furniture why not take the opportunity to check out the full range of school furniture here at AJ Products UK? You will find all the essentials any school, college or university needs including desks, chairs, cloakroom and library furniture as well as furniture for administrative offices, staff rooms and changing rooms.