Presentation and display boards for schools

No classroom is complete without display boards to support teaching. A wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard is the perfect tool in most classrooms, but a portable flip chart may better suit drama or art studios, while a glass writing board is a modern alternative that could brighten up any room. No matter what type you choose, a school whiteboard is a must! In addition to this, a classroom notice board is a nice way to display work that the students have produced. At AJ Products, you will find everything you need.

How to make the most of your classroom whiteboard

A large dry wipe board is essential in any classroom. Our tips for using whiteboards in the classroom effectively include writing up new vocabulary on the side of the board for easy reference, sharing lesson objectives with the class so they can track their progress and playing educational word or number games to support learning. Classroom whiteboards for students are another good option, providing a fun way for kids to get more involved with lessons.

Using mini whiteboards in the classroom

Mini whiteboards for schools are a great way to encourage class participation. Ask a question of the class and get students to write their answer on the handheld board so that you can see all the responses at the same time. This is a simple way to stop the same few pupils always answering the questions. Small whiteboards for classroom use are an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool that any teacher can rely on to enhance their lessons. Don’t forget that you’ll need enough whiteboard pens for everyone in the class!

Outdoor notice boards for schools

A school notice board is an effective way to communicate important messages to parents, students and visitors. It could be used to display useful information such as the term schedule, a site map and photos of senior staff, share details of events or advertise after-school clubs. Place a display board inside reception and at the main entrance to the school. External notice boards for schools are designed to be waterproof with tough glass to protect the messages on display. At AJ Products we have an extensive range of presentation and display equipment for schools including classroom whiteboards, glass writing boards, school pin boards, projector screens and more. We also offer an extensive range of school and office furniture including classroom desks and chairs, lockers, office chairs, meeting room tables and canteen furniture. Browse our website to see the full range of products.