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Glass Writing Boards for offices and schools

Since 1975, it has been our aim to provide quality furniture for every workspace to match your requirements at the right price. One of these solutions, which is necessary for presentations and brainstorming sessions as well as teaching, is glass writing boards. At AJ Products, we provide boards that are visually appealing, durable and easy to maintain. The following points explain in detail the varied specifications of these boards.

Colours and types

We offer a wide range of colours that can suit your business requirements. For example, to add a creative or lively touch to your room, opt for colours like purple, blue, orange and pink. On the other hand, if you want the board to suit your conference room furniture, colours such as white, grey, brown, black and transparent can be a suitable choice. We also offer different types for different purposes. For example, opt for wall mounted boards if you want your employees to use the boards regularly. On the other hand, if you want a single board to share information throughout the office, a glass mobile easel can be an appropriate choice. Go through the varied types of boards to find a suitable one.

Material and visuals

We provide boards that are made of tempered optic glass for an optimum finish and colour reproduction. The smooth surface of glass boards makes it easy for you to write as well as clean the board, which makes them suitable for regular use. As these boards are frameless and have “float away” fixings, they appear to be floating on the walls. Thanks to the magnetic surface of these boards, you will be able to conveniently tack up important information, messages, pictures, graphs and more using strong magnets. Read the product specifications or contact us for more information on these types of boards.


To make boards a perfect visual aid for presentations, group meetings or brainstorming sessions, you can combine them with appropriate accessories. For example, you can purchase our glass board starter set, which includes all the accessories needed to help your employees keep the boards clean in an efficient manner. A set of four pens, magnetic pen holders, magnets, a spray bottle, and cleaning cloth are all included in the starter set. You can purchase these items individually as well. As well as glass boards you can go through our wide range of whiteboards and notice boards for offices that are available in different sizes. Use our online chat or call us for further assistance when choosing or buying boards.