School matting

Add a rug to a reading corner or play area to make it more comfortable for children to sit; you can choose from plain carpet rugs or stimulating educational mats. For more energetic play, gymnastic mats are essential to prevent injuries.

School floor mats

The Kalle comes in a range of colours and shapes and are perfect to be used as classroom mats. They are great for making a classroom colourful and friendly and ideal for making a soft and inviting area on the floor for story time. The Freddy range of mats is a plush mat designed to add to the cosiness of the preschool. It provides soft floor seating during play or at story time. Both ranges have a rubber backing to keep the carpet in place on the floor. This reduces the risk of slipping and prevents the children from falling over and hurting themselves.

Pre-school and nursery play mat

We have a wide range of nursery matting from a hopscotch mat to city play matting featuring a fun city motif to help stimulate the children's imaginations. Teach children to count using the Learn-to-count play mat, which is a practical but fun rug. The rug has a short cut-pile and a colourful printed pattern with numbers. This rug is ideal for pre-school environments such as playrooms. The alphabet mat is a playful and educational mat that is great for use in the preschool or infant school, either in the playroom or reading corner. The mat features the whole alphabet in different colourful boxes, which makes it easy for children to see and learn the letters.

Matting for educational facilities

AJ Products provide a range of professional rubber gym matting, which is perfect for a school gymnasium and sports facilities. We offer single gym mats or an interlocking jigsaw system which can cover any size area. Furthermore, we also provide matting for wet areas, for example, swimming pools. Additionally, we can provide entrance mats for school. Our entrance mats are suitable for areas with high traffic, which makes them perfect for educational facilities. These mats are available in many different materials and offer a range of properties to suit use indoors or outdoors. Some consist of a resilient nylon or polypropylene pile that can help absorb dirt and moisture, which reduces the risk of slipping and floor abrasion. We could even customise your entrance mat with your school crest! As well as these mats, we also sell other products such as bubble mats, oil resistant and electrical insulation mats, and many more. Browse through our product pages for more specifications. Contact us or click on individual product specifications to get more information on sizes, prices or suitability.