Compartment lockers

Wooden Lockers as a Storage Solution for your Business

Does your business need some extra storage space for employees, customers and workers to properly store their belongings such as clothes, valuables, helmets and others? If yes, then invest in wooden lockers sold by AJ Products. Read on to learn more about our different types of wooden lockers.

Wooden Clothes Locker

At AJ Products, we sell good quality wooden clothes lockers, which are perfect for storing personal items and belongings. These lockers save space due to their narrow design and also provide good security as a result of cylinder locking systems. You can put extra adjustable shelves in these lockers. We also provide these lockers with hat shelves and hanging rails. The lockers do not have door handles, which helps save space. You can efficiently place these lockers in sports clubs, dressing room areas, swimming pool areas, school bathrooms, etc. The space below the lockers can be used for storing shoes, helmets and other belongings. We provide these lockers with a single door, four doors or six doors. Click on our wooden clothes locker sections for more information.

Wooden Compartment Locker

Do you want to buy lockers made out of wood and use them in a range of indoor environments? These lockers are quite stylish and ideally suited for corridor and reception areas. You can use them as a centralised storage system for staff, students, employees and visitors. AJ Products sells these lockers with either two modules or three modules. Regarding doors, you have an option of selecting these cabinets with 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 or 15 doors. These cabinets are designed in a compact manner so that they do not take up a lot of floor space. To gain more product information, browse through the various types of wooden compartment lockers sold by us.


The wardrobe wooden cabinets are a good option to use in changing room environments. Visitors, guests, customers, workers, employees and others can properly hang their coats, extra sets of clothes, hats, etc. in these cabinets. The cabinets have a laminate finish, which is rugged, durable and water resistant. You can easily wipe down the surface of the locker to keep it clean. Visit our product page for more details. Apart from these cabinets, AJ Products also sells other storage solutions such as mesh lockers, metal cabinets, filing cabinets, Really Useful storage boxes ® and others. For more details, browse through the variety of products sold by us.