Laundry carts and baskets for commercial use

From hotels and spas to hospitals and care homes, a laundry service is a daily requirement in many different industries. A commercial laundry trolley is an essential piece of equipment to facilitate the transport of dirty and clean washing. You can find a range of linen carts and bags at AJ Products.

Linen trolleys for housekeeping

A commercial laundry cart is a convenient way for hotels and spas to provide clean towels and linens to guests, while making it easy for housekeeping staff to move laundry from back of house to guest rooms and facilities. The folding laundry trolley from AJ Products has four braked castors to ensure that it locks in place when stationary and rolls smoothly when full. It is supplied complete with a sturdy, laundry bag that can be removed to make it easy to empty or send out to an external laundry service. The trolley can also be folded up and stowed away as required.

Commercial laundry baskets for collecting dirty washing

Businesses that loan towels or robes to guests for use while using the facilities, such as some swimming pools, sports facilities, spas, etc., need an easy way to collect dirty laundry. A simple, wire mesh washing trolley on wheels is a convenient solution that allows any water from wet towels to drip through instead of collecting in the basket. The basket can be lifted from the frame to make it easier to load washing into the machine.

Laundry collection for workwear cleaning services

Garment disposal lockers are ideal in any environment where uniform and workwear cleaning services are provided, such as hospitality, medical services and manufacturing. The letterbox opening provides a reliable way for dirty work clothing to be deposited and collected for cleaning. An industrial laundry basket or bag is placed inside the locker to collect the dirty clothing. The lockers can be placed in the changing room at the end of a row of staff lockers so employees can deposit their uniform easily at the end of the shift. As well as laundry baskets on wheels, AJ Products offers everything else you need for a changing room in a gym, spa or leisure centre. We offer a wide range of lockers for secure personal storage, changing room benches and hygienic non slip mats.