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Locker accessories for a customised storage solution

AJ Products offers a variety of locker accessories to allow you to fit the right locks for your users, add bench seats, fit stands to facilitate cleaning underneath and customise the interior. All to ensure you find the perfect solution for your business, whether that’s a school, workplace or gym.

Locker benches and stands

A locker bench is a simple but functional addition to clothes and compartment lockers, especially in changing rooms. The locker is raised to a convenient height so you can sit down to change. Having the locker raised off the floor also makes it easier to clean underneath it. If you don’t need seating, a locker stand raises the entire cabinet off the floor to make it easier to reach underneath the locker and facilitate cleaning. This is especially important in environments where hygiene is important.

Choosing locks for lockers

You can select different types of locks for lockers, enabling you to find the most secure and convenient solution for your business. In schools, this could mean fitting a padlock hasp to each of your lockers. Choosing a hasp lock instead of a key lock means that students can bring their own padlock so that the caretaker doesn’t have to deal with lost keys at the end of the school year. Another option for both schools and workplaces with assigned lockers is to opt for a mechanical or electronic combination lock. Remembering a combination is often easier than remembering to bring a key and doesn’t require users to carry something around with them, which they may not be able to do at all times. Combination locks for lockers usually come with either a master key or reset function that an authorised user can access so that the code can be reset if it is forgotten or the user leaves and the locker is reassigned. In places such as gyms and leisure centres where lockers are needed for frequent temporary use, a coin return lock is a simple and popular way to ensure that keys are returned. Use a plastic key tag to label master keys so authorised personnel can easily access lockers if necessary.

Interior locker fittings

Some lockers will give you the option to customise the interior. Fitting a locker shelf will make it easier to store small personal belongings or files. Full length models often come with one shelf fitted but the option to add more or fit one to a smaller locker gives user the flexibility they need. Similarly, adding a locker tray to the bottom can be a handy solution if you intend to store wet outerwear or umbrellas as it will catch drips and prevent puddles on the floor. Other options include hanging rails, towel hooks and partitions. At AJ Products, we have a wide range of storage solutions available for all different applications including compartment lockers, wet area options and wire mesh lockers. We also offer changing room benches and non slip mats. Chat to our sales team if you would like any advice on how to create the best solution for your needs with free and fast delivery in the UK.