Shoe racks like never before

At AJ Products, we offer contemporary shelving and storage created using the finest grade raw materials. Our innovative shoe shelving and racking systems give the whole room a modern vibe; they even suit every sort of decor. Not only are they designed compactly to cover less space, but they also allow you to store more shoes in an organised manner. Since our shoe racks can be wall mounted, they leave ample floor space. This allows you to add a shoe rack in almost any room without having to think about where you can fit it. Our compact racks have multipurpose functions as they can be used to store more than just shoes. With a few add-ons and accessories, they can be used to store all sorts of items! You can choose between our contemporary wall mounted racks, our Jeppe cloakroom collection and a basic floor standing shoe rack.

Tall floor standing shoe rack

Our contemporary Isa shoe racks are perfect for classrooms, pre-schools, day-care centres and activity centres. The narrow rack can be placed up against the wall to save on floor space. It has five shelves to allow compact storage and is fitted with drip trays to facilitate the cleaning process. This shelving system has a slim line birch frame with silver tubular rack shelves, which really accentuates the contemporary vibes and spruces up any cloakroom.

Cloakroom shelves

Our Jeppe collection of shelves and shoe racks is a flexible one as shelves can be added on depending on your need. This is perfect for schools and colleges as it allows consistency in every classroom while taking up minimal space. The shelves are made from lacquered steel making them easy to clean and maintain as the dust and dirt does not stick to the shelves. These shelves have drip trays that collect any dirt and water that might fall off the shoes. The two wall mounted uprights allow the shelves to be fixed at whatever height desired. Drying racks for gloves and hats can also be added. Available in grey and white, these shelves will fit in easily with almost every decor. The space underneath a wall mounted shoe rack is the ideal place for a shoe shine machine. This machine cleans water and dirt marks off shoes quickly, leaving shoes looking smart and polished so that staff going into important meetings or students representing a school look neat and tidy. Along with this we provide various other storage solutions at AJ Products. You can find a range of solutions such as coat racks, clothes lockers, and hat stands, etc., which can help you make your office more organised and tidier. Providing such spaces will also help your employees securely store their personal belongings. For more production specifications and images, please see the product details. Our products are available in various sizes and different colours so you can choose the one that suits your room the best.

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