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Canteen Tables and Furniture for Break Areas

AJ Products provides a wide range of office furniture for different areas of the workspace; from workbenches for workshops to canteen tables for break areas. Our products are made from quality materials with intelligent design. We aim to provide our customers with functional products that suit their requirements at the right price. Food is an important part of an employee’s day. What we eat has an impact on our health, our ability to concentrate and our productivity. Organisations are becoming more aware of the importance of providing employees with healthy food options and a comfortable space to eat. AJ Products provides a range of canteen tables and chairs that can help businesses furnish their eating areas.

Canteen Furniture

Our canteen tables can be used in a variety of commercial dining areas like pre-schools, schools, colleges, offices, etc. Available between 460 and 750 mm in height, 600 to 2000 mm in length and 700 to 1000 mm in width. The range includes table tops in different shapes like rectangular, circular, curved and square. Our tables are designed to be durable and have laminate tops that are easy to clean and maintain. Our canteen chairs are available with seat heights as low as 260 mm and as high as 495 mm. You can purchase both cushioned and un-cushioned chairs that are made from plastic, metal and/or wood.

Package Deals

We also have package deals for businesses to consider. For example, the Milla canteen package deal consists of 1 oval 1000x1800 mm table and 6 stackable elegant chairs. There are a variety of colours to choose from: orange, green, red, white, purple, blue, black, oak, beech and birch. The furniture is easy to wipe clean, which makes it an excellent choice for areas like school dining halls, community canteens, office tea rooms, etc. Selecting a package deal can help your business save money. Take a look at our other exciting package deals and find furniture that suits your decor.

Bar Stools and Tables

Bar tables can be used while standing or while sitting on bar stools. These free standing tables can be used in cafés and bars. Businesses can also use them to create standing meeting areas for brainstorming sessions and short team discussions. Our bar tables are available in a variety of colours and finishes. The circular walnut bar table has a classic elegant appeal, while a rectangular bar table with a wood-grain finish can be used to create a modern ambience. Our bar stools and chairs are available with a seat height between 735 to 830 mm and a seat width between 340 to 470 mm. You can even purchase a padded bar stool for added comfort.

Folding Furniture

Folding canteen tables are a great choice for large commercial dining areas that see a lot of traffic. These tables make it easy to quickly clear the dining area. This makes it easier to maintain hygiene in the dining area. Pair the folding tables with our folding canteen chairs or invest in our stackable chairs for easier storage.

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