7 Tips for a Winning Changing Room

7 Tips for a Winning Changing Room

Regardless of whether the changing room is in a workplace, school, gym or sports arena, it should offer plenty of storage options. With the right type of clothes lockers, coat hangers and benches, you can create a practical and comfortable environment. Here we give you some tips on how to furnish your changing room to make sure that it is a pleasant place to get changed.
Changing room with wet room mats in front of clothes lockers

1. Practical, comfortable floor mats

If the entrance to the changing room leads directly in from outside the building, it is a good idea to have a tough door mat with a scrape function outside the door. This makes sure that most of the dirt on people's shoes stays outside.

Inside the changing room, you need a highly absorbent mat to stop moisture being spread around. Otherwise, the floor can quickly become wet and muddy on rainy days.

Inside the door, you need a highly absorbent mat to stop moisture being spread around. Otherwise, the floor can quickly become wet and muddy on rainy days.

The main function of the mats in front of the clothes lockers and benches in the changing area is to provide good slip protection and prevent falls. A wet room mat should also be comfortable to stand on and help reduce noise, which makes the changing room a more pleasant place to spend time. Wet room mats are made of a hygienic material that is easy to keep clean which makes cleaning the changing room a simpler process.
Modular mat with drainage
Girl dressed in sportswear packs her training bag in a changing room

2. Choose a storage solution to meet your needs

We have several different models of clothes locker for you to choose from. You should make your decision on the basis of the size of the room, the maximum number of people who will use it at the same time and the type of equipment to be stored. If you need room for large bags, hockey sticks or long overalls, then full-height lockers are the best solution.

If all that is required is space for a few smaller items, such as a shoulder bag and a jacket, a half-height locker is a good alternative. An ideal solution in rooms where space is limited is a Z-locker, which consists of two full-height lockers that take up the same amount of room as one.

When choosing a locker, you should also pay attention to the details, such as whether it features perforations to provide good ventilation, hooks or a rail to hang clothes on and rubber dampeners on the doors for quiet closing. Choose hasp locks for padlocks if there are a lot of different users. Cylinder locks with a key or combination locks are an ideal solution if each locker is used by only one person.

Sheet metal is the most common material for changing room lockers, but we also supply lockers made of laminate.
Locker with four compartments for personal belongings
Two people sitting on a stand-alone bench in a changing room

3. Don't overcrowd your changing room

There will be occasions when a lot of people are using the changing room at the same time, but it is important for them to have ample room to move around. If possible, you should leave plenty of space between the rows of lockers. By combining stand-alone benches and hook rails, you can create more space for people to move about and prevent the benches in front of the lockers from being covered with belongings.

Customise the lockers to meet users' needs

A mirror on the inside of the locker door reduces congestion around the communal mirrors and creates some personal space. The mirrors can easily be fitted using double-sided tape.

A shoe rack inside the locker provides extra storage space. A storage box on the inside of the door is ideal for holding smaller items so that they are easy to access.  A shoe and hat rack with hooks mounted on the wall between two lockers provides extra storage space.

Avoid making clothes damp with wet towels by fitting a towel rail to the door where towels can be hung up separately.

4. Make room for warm downs and team talks

A changing room is not just for changing clothes. It can also be a place where friends get together to talk and prepare for a training session or a match and to warm down afterwards and discuss the day's achievements. It’s a great idea to furnish part of the room with comfortable seats of different kinds to give people the chance to socialise.

A wall-mounted whiteboard is very useful when it's time to talk tactics. If the wall space is limited, we recommend a whiteboard on a stand with castors, which can be easily rolled out when it is needed.
Small compartment cabinet with four doors next to a bench with hooks
Compartment locker CAMPUS
Lockable clothes lockers with red doors
Clothes locker CURVE

5. Accessibility and a welcoming environment

It is a good idea to think about how your changing room should be designed to meet the needs of your visitors and your business. Are there lockers that are accessible from a wheelchair? What do you need to do to enable people with disabilities to use the changing room without problems? Do you need a special accessible, gender-neutral changing room or can you find a different solution?

Well-planned spaces for changing work clothes or sportswear will help everyone to feel welcome and safe.
A laundry trolley on castors under a shelf on a wall

6. Make cleaning and laundry easier

Collecting dirty laundry is part of the daily routine at many workplaces and sports clubs. Fortunately, there are lots of products that make that easier, from simple laundry bags with bag holders to garment disposal lockers with a hole in the door to push dirty laundry through and a lock to keep unauthorised people out. Laundry trolleys or laundry bags with bag holders simplify the process of transporting dirty clothes and wet towels to and from the laundry.

We recommend choosing lockers with a full skirting base or with a leg frame that makes it easy to clean underneath them. Well-positioned waste bins and recycling cabinets with separate bins also speed up the cleaning process and help everyone to keep the changing room clean and tidy.

7. Plan for the unexpected

Sometimes things do not go quite as planned. But with a first aid kit in the changing room, someone can quickly come to the rescue if an accident occurs. The kit contains everything you might need, including plasters, dressings, wound cleansing wipes and many other items. Because it is mounted on the wall, it is clearly visible and easy to access.


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Cabinets and benches for the changing room

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