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How to decide what office furniture you need

How to decide what office furniture you need

Your office is much a part of your organisation as your staff. It is where all the work takes place, and the business comes together. If you don’t have the right furniture, the right chairs, desks and storage, then your business will struggle to be as successful as it could be. Finding the right furniture might seem like a daunting task, but with the help of AJ Products, you will have the right office furniture in no time. Here are some general tips to consider that should help you decide the ideal office furniture for you and your office space.


Decide what your needs are


Start by determining the function of your office space and what furniture and essential accessories you will need to accommodate that function. With good office design, you can lighten up the mood, ease stress, and increase productivity. You will need different furniture depending on your business type. For offices that need plenty of storage space, filing cabinets are a must. If clients spend time in your office, a great boardroom will have a high impact, so comfortable seating and an elegant meeting table are a good idea. Furthermore, don’t choose furniture just because you like its colour or design. You have to pick furnishings that go with your brand or your office personality. Your office furniture must transcend the aesthetic and comfort value it provides; it must also reflect your company’s identity and culture. Once you've determined the basics, you can move on to the smaller details.


Determine the layout and location


Determine the dimensions of the office space you are furnishing so that the furniture you choose fits correctly the first time. Other details to take into consideration are the surrounding windows and the location of electrical outlets in the office. These factors could play a significant role in determining exactly which desk you choose and if a chair will move freely within the space.


Start with the basics: the desk and chairs


Because office workers will spend a substantial amount of their working and waking hours in the office, comfort and design play an essential role in how an office employee's day plays out. For this reason, careful selection and consideration are essential when it comes time to choose the perfect office furniture. The most basic office furniture that you will need in an office is the desks and chairs. This will give each office employee the space that he or she needs to perform their tasks. For a typical office worker, the majority of the time spent in the workplace is spent sitting in a chair behind a desk. But why not improve on the traditional desk and office chair with a height-adjustable desk and an active sitting chair? Introducing a height-adjustable standing desk for each employee in the office, for example, could help staff to be more active and healthy at work. By using an ergonomic Pilates stool, balance chair or saddle chair, you can activate your core and back muscles, which improve your posture. If you are looking for a new work chair, an active chair is an excellent choice!


Flexibility and functionality


The next thing to consider is the flexibility and functionality of the furniture. Our Modulus range of furniture is highly flexible and adaptable; this office furniture can be tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the user. Modulus is suitable for all office environments such as the small home office, the open-plan office or the traditional one-person office. Our modular office furniture system has many different options so that it can be customised to individual requirements.


Comfort is key


Considering the many hours you at spend at work, comfort is vital. Shopping for comfortable office chairs is essential; you'll be able to sit for hours without discomfort. Not all office furniture is one-size-fits-all, so being able to test a chair along with a desk is a great way to determine if the setup is ideal for you. Furthermore, the right office furniture will go beyond aesthetic and comfort. Choosing high-quality materials and a reputable supplier will secure your investment and can save you money on furniture repairs and replacements over the long term, helping your business towards a successful future.

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