MODULUS will soon be discontinued

In 2023 AJ Products launched a brand-new furniture range incorporating flexible storage solutions for today’s modern office. Our new QBUS office furniture range makes it even simpler to create a modern workplace with a consistent style. In light of this, our existing MODULUS range will be discontinued from 2024. For those who have an existing MODULUS office set up, we know that it is important that you can continue to use your furniture for many years to come, so it will still be possible to buy matching pieces and order spare parts whenever needed. You are welcome to contact our customer service team and we will help you purchase what you need.

Our new QBUS office range is designed to suit every part of the workspace to create an integrated, harmonious and matching interior throughout the office, from workspaces and meeting rooms to reception and breakout areas. Thanks to its adaptable modular design, a significant advantage of the QBUS series is that it can easily be expanded or rearranged as workspace requirements change, facilitating a future-proof solution. This modular concept means that every piece of furniture in the range fits together seamlessly. With an exhaustive range of options, QBUS creates unique combinations of furniture that perfectly suit every business or organisation. Plus our MODULUS desks have had an upgrade and are now also known as QBUS to match the new storage solutions on offer.

Benefits of QBUS

•Designed and created in-house by the AJ product team
• Every piece of furniture can be combined seamlessly
• Customisable to mix open and closed storage
• Easily adapted to a wide range of environments
• Tested and approved to EN 16121:2013+A1:2017
Office storage cabinet MODULUS

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