How to optimise your small warehouse

How to optimise your small warehouse

When it comes to stores, industries, and online shops, a common challenge arises in managing a relatively small warehouse space, especially when compared to larger 3PL warehouses and logistics centres.

The key to optimising warehouse capacity and establishing an efficient material flow in these limited spaces involves strategic planning and the use of specialized solutions. Dive into the following insights to learn how industrial shelving, pallet racking, and effective warehouse stock management can transform your small warehouse into a hub of productivity.

Four steps toward an efficient warehouse 

To ensure optimal functionality in a small warehouse, four essential elements come into play: 

  1. A flexible shelving system that can be adapted to the conditions of the premises.  
  2. Ergonomic lifting aids and trolleys that save employees unnecessary lifting.   
  3. A smart warehouse layout/floor plan that provides a good flow through the premises.  
  4. Well-equipped packing stations that simplify packaging. 
Man standing in a warehouse

Flexible shelving system for room adaptation

To make the most of limited storage space in smaller facilities, it's crucial to invest in a flexible shelving system.
Opt for a system that features sections in different widths, depths, and heights, ensuring adaptability to the specific conditions of the room. This adaptability enables a tailored approach to storage, accommodating items of various sizes and dimensions efficiently.

woman using a stacker in a warehouse to lift heavy boxes

Prioritise ergonomics in lifting and transporting

In the daily operations of a small warehouse, the routine is marked by the physical demands of lifting and carrying, emphasizing the critical role of ergonomic practices.
In order to prevent and mitigate negative impact on employees, it is imperative to incorporate specialised equipment tailored for different weights and sizes of goods. Heavy items can be efficiently handled with the use of lift trolleys, pallet trucks, and stacker trucks, distributing the load and reducing the strain on individual workers.
Person pushing a warehouse cart in a warehouse

Strategise interior layout for optimal flow

Efficient warehouse operations encompass four stages: goods reception, storage, picking, and packing/delivery.
Each stage involves the movement of goods through different zones, necessitating a well-thought-out floor plan. In a warehouse, safety is a must, and adequate aisle width is crucial to prevent congestion.
Man holding a box and staind in a warehouse

Use packing table for quick packing

Tailor your packaging process to suit your business needs, whether supplying raw materials, stocking shelves, or sending prepackaged goods to customers. Facilitate packaging tasks by providing staff with access to a packing table equipped with essential tools, including packaging material, cutting units, and tape. Opt for height-adjustable packing tables to accommodate different employees and enhance comfort with adjustable seating and ergonomic work mats, resulting in a comprehensive packing station with an optimal working environment.

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