How to buy furniture that stands up to everyday use

There are lots of great reasons for choosing AJ Products when you are looking to improve your workplace, from the wide variety of products available to affordable prices and fast delivery, not to mention our focus on quality. Our commitment to quality ensures that our products fulfill their purpose, year after year. Find out more about how we create products that stand up to everyday use.

Design​ that solves everyday problems

Our goal is to supply furniture, fittings and equipment that improve work environments. One way we achieve this is thanks to our design department. They help us create quality products according to your needs.

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Two factories of our own

Having our own factories is a great advantage for our product development as well as for our supply chain, with the factories supplying one third of our overall range. What’s more, being in control of production means that we have full oversight of our quality levels.

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A complete interior design overhaul

Would you like to see how we have helped other companies to improve their workspace? Check out what our project design team did for Beslag Design and Airshoppen.
No product, not even our own, is allowed a short cut into our range.
Jan Bengtsson, Quality Manager at AJ Products

We never take a break from quality

No item is included in the range without first having been approved by our Quality Department. What’s more, by constantly monitoring the existing range, we ensure that the products we sell meet our demanding requirements, even after many years of use.

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Products with lasting value

We want to offer products with lasting value. That’s why we actively monitor the trends that make workplaces better, especially the game changers: because fashions can change, but function lasts a lifetime.