Quality comes from within (often from within our own factories)

Quality comes from within (often from within our own factories)

Quality that comes from within is a characteristic feature of our range, because almost a third of our products are made in our own factories in Poland, Slovakia and Lithuania. This is where we manufacture everything from office furniture and sofas to shelving units and clothes lockers in order to meet high standards of precision and quality. We do all of this with the aim of creating a good work environment for you and your colleagues.

Complete control over quality

In-house production is a cornerstone of our strategy of offering quality products at affordable prices. We have made a conscious decision to develop and manufacture many of our products in-house. This gives us control over the entire process, from identifying the initial requirement to supplying the finished product. Having the whole production process in-house makes it easier to create furniture and fittings with an individual style and, at the same time, design products that meet current market requirements.

Three factories with an important role

We have been manufacturing products in our own factories since the 1990s. The AJ Furniture Factory in the town of Redzikowo in Poland, which is near Gdansk, produces most of our wooden furniture. This is where our desks, cabinets, bookshelves and drawer units are made, together with our conference tables and canteen furniture. In our other factory, AJ Metal Design in Trnava, Slovakia, we manufacture clothes lockers, storage cabinets and shelving systems from sheet steel. Since 2016, we have also been a partner in the Lithuanian furniture manufacturing company in Kalvarija, Lithuania, which we acquired fully in 2022. Here we produce furniture with a focus on textiles, for example our own sofas and sound absorbers. Together the three plants manufacture just under a third of our range and form the backbone of our supply of goods.
Person threading sheet steel through a machine
Man using a machine to cut wooden planks to size

Product-oriented processes

Because our in-house products are developed in close collaboration with our own designers, all the stages of the production process are designed to suit our factories. Every piece of the puzzle is carefully planned and streamlined in accordance with our quality goals, from the processes, machines and material flows to the expertise and craftsmanship of the staff to the varnishes and paints. Constant quality inspections and continuous improvement measures are a key part of our production processes and, of course, both our factories have ISO 9001 certification.

Carefully selected materials

Our factories are equipped with the very latest machinery and tools and every delivery of materials is thoroughly checked to ensure that it meets our specifications. We choose our suppliers carefully on the basis of their ability to deliver the right quality on time and at the right price. In addition, they have to follow our code of conduct and comply with our Quality and Environmental Policy. Wherever possible, we choose renewable and recycled materials, as well as FSC-certified wood and green steel.

Quality time at work

Having our own factories not only gives us complete control of our own product range, it also makes us better at buying products because we understand the manufacturing process and know what requirements our suppliers need to meet. The result: a wide range of products that allow you and your colleagues to spend quality time at work.

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