Pigeon Hole Cabinets for Efficient Storage

Every business needs an optimal solution to handle incoming and outgoing mail, internal documents, printouts and much more. This helps make sure all documents are stored safely and can be easily accessed whenever required, and keeps the workplace organised. Hence, at AJ Products we aim to provide practical solutions such as pigeon holes for office use that are designed to simplify mail handling. These units are not only an efficient solution for offices but schools as well. Read the following points to find out more about these cabinets.

Material, colours and shelves

Our cabinets are made from a hardwearing laminate that is easy to clean and durable. You can choose from three colours: beech, birch, and white. Most of these units have open compartments that come with aluminium strips on the front edge. You can easily move the height of the shelves at 32mm intervals to adjust the size of the compartments to suit your requirements. You can also slide labels on to the aluminium strips that are fitted to the front of each shelf. Each shelf can be labelled with the names of staff, customers or the contents of each compartment. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.


Our bestselling, floor-standing pigeon holes come with 54 compartments. However, if you need more compartments, you can purchase extra shelves to create more cubbies. Similarly, we provide a pack of 20 labels with each sorting unit; you can also purchase additional packs separately if you need more. These floor-standing units can be placed anywhere in the office. You can even complement these with our other storage cabinets such as magazine cabinets. Our magazine cabinets are apt for entrance halls, reception areas, libraries and similar areas for displaying magazines and newspapers or promotional materials. These have 12 compartments and slanted shelves for maximum visibility. You can even tilt these shelves to create a concealed space behind them for the storage of magazines. Along with these, You can also browse through our wide range of office storage cabinets. Contact us for any further assistance.

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