Staff lockers for secure workplace storage

Providing secure storage for teachers and support staff in schools is essential. Staff lockers offer dual benefits: they provide lockable storage for teachers to keep their personal belongings if they are not able to keep them in sight and they make it easy to sort any correspondence into individual compartments. AJ Products has a workplace locker to suit your needs.

Mail sorting

External correspondence and internal memos need to be organised properly to ensure they reach the right person. Individually lockable compartments, each with a mail slot, prevent tampering and provide greater levels of privacy, which is particularly important since the introduction of GDPR. You can choose a post locker with small pigeon holes or with combined personal storage depending on your needs and the space available. Landscape mail compartments mean you can fit a lot of compartments in a smaller area, making it easy to place the cupboard in tight spaces.

Safe personal storage

For staff who cannot keep their belongings in sight at all times, personnel lockers are a safe place to store bags and other personal possessions. Lockable storage will reduce opportunist theft so your teachers can feel confident that their belongings are safe while they concentrate on mentoring the students.

Stylish finish

Choosing a wooden locker is a good way to distinguish a teacher locker from student storage. While student lockers need to be of robust steel to withstand the daily onslaught of kids, a wood locker is a stylish solution that blends in nicely with furniture in breakrooms and offices. At AJ Products, we have a wide range of lockable storage solutions for every need. Whether you need office storage cabinets, classroom drawers or compartment lockers we can help. We also have office furniture and classroom desks and chairs so we can furnish every part of your school or business. If you have any queries about specifications, you can chat with us online or call our customer service team.

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