Office loveseats to create a pleasant seating area

With AJ Products’ wide range of office sofas and soft seating you can create a more welcoming and comfortable space for staff and visitors alike. No matter your needs or space, we have an office settee for you.

What is a loveseat?

There are two types of seating known as a loveseat available on the market. The first is popular in homes and is essentially a small two seater sofa where two people can sit snuggled up side by side. An office loveseat is a bit different. Also known as a tête-à-tête or conversation bench this type of chair is a two-person sofa where the seats are not directly next to each other but, instead, are in an S shape. One person sits on either side of the bench seat so that they can talk comfortably to the other person and maintain eye contact while keeping a low barrier between them.

A perfect small sofa for the office

A small office loveseat is great if you want to create an inviting seating area in the middle of a room. If you place a normal couch in the middle of a space, it acts as a barrier and can only be accessed from one side. To combat this, you need to place two office sofas back to back to create a larger, more accessible seating area, but doing that takes up a lot of floor space and doubles your costs. An office loveseat gives you a more open and welcoming atmosphere without taking up any additional space.

Use a loveseat to maintain personal space in the reception area

A reception loveseat is also a perfect alternative to a standard two-seater sofa in a waiting area. Where people don’t know each other, sitting close together can be awkward. The layout of the loveseat means that the two people on the couch are facing in opposite directions so that, while technically next to each other, they can maintain a comfortable amount of personal space.

Gain seats but save floor space with a Grande Z-sofa

If you have more space and want to create a larger seating area with the same vibe as a loveseat, a Z-shaped sofa is a good choice. This is a large sofa with a trendy design featuring a Z-shaped backrest and double-sided seating spaces. The design of the sofa makes it easy to maximise the seating space. We also have a wide range of other breakout seating including waiting room sofas, armchairs, canteen chairs and bar stools as well as ergonomic office chairs and conference chairs. With our wide selection of office furniture, you can create the atmosphere that suits your company culture no matter your size or budget. Call our customer service team for bespoke fabric services and additional information if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website.

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