Modular office sofas

Create a unique statement piece with a modular office sofa

AJ Products’ wide variety of office sofas and soft seating helps you create a welcoming and relaxing space for both visitors and staff. From stocked options to design-focused office settees featuring made to order fabrics, you will find the right sofa no matter your budget or office size. Modular sofas are a great way to maximise the use of your space. A modular sectional sofa can be customised to your room, allowing you to create a small couch if you have limited space or a large seating arrangement in an atrium or lobby. They also give you the option to create a unique statement piece that will leave clients impressed by their visit to your office.

The ALEX sectional sofa

Our most versatile reception sofa, the ALEX offers many options so you can build a seating solution tailored to your preferences. Combine a corner piece with two 2 or 3 seater sofas for a modular corner sofa that fits in your space: if you need one short side and one much longer side – no problem! Maybe a U-shaped seating arrangement would look great in your lobby: choose two corner seats and build the sides to your specifications. The range also offers curved couches that will give a stunning and eye-catching design.

The LISA round sofa

This modular office chair is a great way to maximise the number of seats without the need for a much longer couch. The sofa consists of interconnected modules; the seats can be placed alone or combined in any configuration. The full circle version is ideal for placement in the middle of the room, giving a more open and welcoming atmosphere, while the semi-circular model can also be placed against a wall if space is more limited. It is ideal for common rooms, hallways and waiting rooms.

Your choice of design

Choose sofa modules to create an office sofa set unique to your business. You can link the seats together for one striking piece of office furniture or build several smaller office sofa chairs that all match. Add coffee tables for a complete and functional space. With AJ Products’ wide selection of office furniture, you can create the atmosphere that suits your company culture no matter your size or budget. As well as office sofas, we also provide sit-stand desks, office chairs, conference tables and chairs, reception desks and much more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website or want design tips or bespoke fabric services, call our customer service team or chat with us online.