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Buy a 2 seater office sofa for a compact seating solution

With AJ Products’ wide range of office sofas, you can create a more welcoming and comfortable space for staff and visitors alike. We have soft seating to suit any office design and budget. You can find stocked options that can be delivered quickly or choose an eye-catching design with your choice of upholstery colours. In a small office, a 2 seater office sofa gives you a comfortable and inviting reception area without encroaching on valuable floor space. Alternatively, you can combine it with matching three seater sofas or armchairs to create a larger seating area if you have the space. Add coffee tables and magazine racks for a relaxing waiting room area.

Our bestselling two seater sofa for office

Our popular club sofa CLICK is a compact two-seater sofa ideal for small waiting rooms and reception areas. The classic design features a rounded, wraparound backrest with integrated armrests. It is available in black or grey fabric for a simple look that goes with almost any décor or in black leather, which is easy to wipe down. The settee is designed to create a comfortable, snug and relaxing feel for your visitors.

Improve acoustics with a 2 seater sofa with high sides

Create a quiet space for meetings or private phone calls with an acoustic sofa. A sound absorbent 2-seater sofa with high sides is an effective way to adapt the modern open-plan office to suit all activities and personalities. Position two sofas across from each other to establish a space that is suitable for smaller meetings. The high sides provide seclusion and dampen the sound coming from elsewhere as well as muffling conversations taking place on the sofa to those outside.

ALEX 2-person sofa from our modular range

The choice of a 2 seater sofa for office use might not be due to space restrictions. Perhaps you want to create a customised seating arrangement to suit your breakroom or lobby or would like the flexibility to move the furniture around. The ALEX sofa is part of our modular sofa range. It can be placed by itself, with or without optional armrests, or be combined with corner pieces, curved sofas and more to create a unique waiting room sofa. As well as office sofas, at AJ Products, you will also find a wide selection of office furniture, conference tables and chairs, reception desks, entrance matting and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or would like some advice, you can chat with us easily online.