Smoking shelters for safe and regulation-compliant outdoor smoking areas

Since the 2007 smoking ban came into force in the UK, outdoor smoking areas have become an essential part of many eating establishments, entertainment venues and workplaces. To provide a more pleasant outdoor space for clients, visitors and employees, many businesses have built a smoking shelter on their premises to provide a designated smoking area protected from the elements but away from the main entrance.

Smoking shelter canopy

A wall-mounted canopy provides shelter from poor weather for smokers. In addition to providing shelter from rain, it also clearly marks where people are permitted to smoke so you can create a designated smoking area on the premises. Add a wall-mounted ashtray to the smoking area to prevent litter. You could even add a park bench to give users a place to sit. The shelter can be bolted to any outdoor wall, making it a convenient solution for almost any building. A construction of Plexiglas and galvanised steel make it suitable for year-round use.

Smoking enclosures

Alternatively, create a sheltered smoking area away from the building itself by installing a freestanding outdoor smoking shelter. It protects smokers from the rain and wind while also ensuring a smoke-free outdoor environment for non-smokers by restricting the spread of smoke. Side panels are made of transparent Plexiglas for a sturdy construction that allows plenty of light through so that it is a pleasant and safe space for users. The arched roof is made of impact-resistant acrylic plastic and the galvanised posts are designed for ground fixing to ensure stability in bad weather. Add a cigarette bin and a refuse bin to prevent littering.

Cigarette bins

Of course, your outdoor smoking space also needs appropriate ashtrays for safe and clean disposal of cigarette butts. These come in range of sizes and can be freestanding, fixed to a wall, or placed on a table. To prevent the risk of fire, some models are designed to restrict the flow of oxygen into the bin and extinguish any flames that are not put out properly. As well as outdoor smoking canopies and booths, we also offer a large assortment of cigarette bins and wall mounted ashtrays as well as outdoor litter bins to prevent ash, butts and cigarette packets from littering your premises. AJ Products can provide assembly and installation services if required, contact us via our online chat or by phone to discuss your needs.

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