Types of Cigarette Bin Ashtrays

While at work some employees need a smoke break once in a while to give them a short break from work or help deal with occasional work stress. For these reasons, AJ Products sells ashtrays and cigarette bins for businesses who want to set up smoking zones and smoking areas on their workplace premises. We supply a variety of cigarette bins and ashtrays; learn about what type will best suit your business.

Table Ashtrays

We sell ashtrays made of fire-resistant material with tightly fitting lids. The tight lid keeps the smoke and odours inside, thus reducing after-smoking odours in a designated smoking zone. The ashtrays have a classic design, are stylish and are perfect for outdoor seating areas and other similar environments. You can use these ashtrays for office patios, smoking zone enclosures, and even in private individual spaces such as homes and study dens. You can also easily clean the ashtrays by removing the lid and can even put them in a dishwasher. When the ashtray is full, you can empty it into bigger waste containers like wheelie bins along with other rubbish, so that everything can be dumped together. Visit the section of ashtrays on our website for more information about these products.

Free-standing Cigarette Bins

Bin AJ Products sells cigarette bins that can be placed on the floor without requiring any support. These bins are equipped with flame-retardant linings. They are designed in a robust manner and also provide resistance against denting, rusting, cracking and other similar deteriorating processes. The inner galvanised container can be removed and easily cleaned. Any butts dropped are quickly extinguished due to the restricted supply of oxygen, thus reducing the risk of fire. This feature makes the bins very well suited for outdoor use where they will be left unattended. We sell a variety of outdoor cigarette bins in different designs including free standing lockable bins, square-shaped cigarette bins, classic designed cigarette bins, etc. If you want more details, scroll through our bin listings.

Wall Mounted Cigarette Bins

As well as free-standing cigarette bins, AJ Products also sells bins that can be mounted on walls. These are available in a variety of different models featuring characteristics such as a powder-coated surface that is resistant to external elements, an inner container made of galvanised steel, fixings for mounting and others. Some of the ashtrays may have locks, and you can buy them in case there is a higher need for security in your workplace. In addition to the items described above, which are used to flick cigarette ash and butts, businesses can also invest in associated accessories such as security cables for cigarette bins, which anchor them to the floor, as well as burn resistant liners. You can also browse through our other similar items such as waste paper bins, waste baskets, rubbish bins, etc., which can easily help you to dispose of trashand ensure that your workplace has a complete waste management system. Go through our product catalogue and choose the best products for you.

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