Commercial outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture for fresh-air social spaces

During the working week, the vast majority of our time is spent indoors. Long days without fresh air and natural light can leave us feeling tired and unproductive. But by taking our breaks outside or even arranging al-fresco meetings, we think more clearly, feel more awake and go back into the office refreshed. At AJ Products we offer commercial outdoor furniture to suit all needs and budgets: from café chairs and tables to picnic benches.

Modern outdoor furniture sets

Stylish outdoor furniture sets are ideal for socialising outside during coffee breaks, lunches and afterwork drinks. They are also perfect for casual meetings with colleagues or even clients during the workday, giving a change of scenery and an opportunity for creative thinking. Businesses looking to create an activity-based workplace (ABW) shouldn’t neglect any outside space that is available to use.

Outdoor chairs and tables

Outdoor table and chairs create a pleasant dining area as an extension of your main indoor space on warm days whether an office canteen, pavement café or restaurant. Be sure to choose commercial outdoor seating rather than home garden furniture to ensure your outdoor chairs stand up to frequent use and rough treatment.

Park and picnic benches

Our modern picnic tables are perfect for recreation areas at schools and office buildings as well as pubs, parks and service areas. Alternatively, park benches are a space-efficient way to provide seating outside in any space and can easily be placed next to entrances and pathways for people to escape the office for a quick breath of fresh air. Many of AJ’s park and picnic benches are manufactured from FSC certified wood, which is the result of environmentally-responsible forest management. Don’t forget the extras that will complete your al-fresco dining area, such as parasols to provide shade on hot days, cigarette bins for smokers and litter bins to keep your premises clean. At AJ Products, we have a wide range of premises management equipment for a spotless outdoor area. We can also provide office furniture, canteen tables and chairs, breakout furniture and more. Browse our website or contact us for more information.