Tarpaulins for heavy-duty use

A tarpaulin sheet is a versatile piece of equipment for any industry to have on hand. As well as building sites, gardens and outdoor industries, tarpaulins are useful for any business that has an outdoor space. This includes restaurants with patio furniture and schools or nurseries with outdoor play areas to cover their equipment during poor weather so as to limit rain damage and prevent people using it when it could be dangerous. Buy quality tarpaulins from ajproducts.co.uk.

PVC tarpaulin from AJ Products

Our heavy duty tarps are made of PVC in three layers with an intermediate layer of woven polyethylene and 18 x 14 threads per square inch to provide a durable and long-lasting waterproof tarpaulin to suit demanding conditions. Weighing 580 g per square metre, they feature reinforced corners, welded seams and brass eyelets. The tarps are washable and do not shrink. Available in a range of sizes up to 8 x 10 metres.

Heavy duty tarpaulin for construction use

A waterproof tarp is essential on any building site to protect materials, pull over building works in progress and cover skips to prevent water ingress and hide contents from passers-by. It can also be used as a temporary shelter to create a dry work area on wet days. The tarpaulin cover needs to stand up to heavy wear and all weather conditions.

Canvas tarps for home use

Tarpaulins can also be used for numerous purposes at home. For example, to protect garden furniture from the rain, cover a car or use it as a ground cover. Heavy-duty eyelets mean you can tie the canvas tarpaulin down without tearing the material. AJ Products offers a wide range of equipment to help you manage your outdoor premises or work site. We provide outdoor litter bins, cigarette bins and cycle racks to create a clean and pleasant outside space as well as safety equipment including crowd fences, safety cones, grit bins and salt spreaders.

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