Mailboxes for secure storage of post and parcels

A lockable mailbox is an easy and cost-effective way to ensure mail is delivered safely into the right hands. All of AJ’s post collection solutions are made of high quality, galvanised sheet steel that is resistant to harsh weather conditions and will last for many years to come.

Mail box GAZETTE

This wall mounted letter box is ideal for collecting your daily delivery of post. It comes with a lockable front and a drop-down flap that can be opened with one hand. The small post box is suitable for letters and leaflets that will be collected regularly. It has a narrow letter slot that will be able to handle paper correspondence only.

Mail box LETTER

A narrow letter slot allows the mailbox to collect letters and small flat parcels. Unlike the smaller GAZETTE model, letters do not have to be bent to be posted into the box so it can accept A4 envelopes, “do not bend” correspondence or narrow parcels more easily. Post is deposited through a slot in the top into a well-sized receptacle that shouldn’t need to be emptied every day.

Mail box PARCEL

This durable mail and parcel box provides a secure solution for collecting small parcels and packages as well as standard mail. Parcels are deposited through the top flap and an anti-phishing features prevents authorised access to the delivered post. The built-in lock function ensures that your post and parcels will be safe and allows you to leave the mailbox locked or unlocked. The parcel delivery box is easy to open with an ergonomic and moisture protected lock. The smart drop-down flap can be opened with one hand so you can easily access your post. At AJ Products we also have a wide selection of mail sorting cabinets for use inside your office. With our open pigeon holes or lockable post lockers, there is a solution for every business and premises. These cabinets facilitate sorting of incoming mail but are just as suitable for handling and storing outgoing post, various internal documents, printouts, printer paper and much more. Check out our options online or call us to discuss your needs.