Changing room lockers

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Everyone needs a storage solution where they can store their personal belongings and other items safely. Hence, at AJ Products we aim to provide quality metal and wooden lockers that are suitable for gyms, schools, offices and workshops. Read the following points to discover more about our various different types of lockers.

Uniforms and clothes lockers

If you are looking for lockers for changing rooms, our clothes lockers are an ideal solution. Most of our lockers have an all-welded steel frame, which is powder-coated in a discreet grey colour. This powder coating provides a scratch-resistant finish that can withstand heavy use. Most of these one-door lockers are provided with a hat shelf and clothes rails with two hooks each. The ventilation holes in the top and bottom facilitate air circulation and let out moisture. Some of our lockers have a sloping top that prevents dust accumulation and facilitates cleaning. The doors of these lockers are equipped with door stops and rubber dampeners for quiet and smooth closing. The lockers are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes; choose the one that suits your requirements. Call us or chat with us online if you want to buy lockers or need any help choosing appropriate ones.

Small lockers

Ideal for the storage of personal effects and belongings, small compartment lockers provide secure storage for a large number of people in as small a space as possible. Depending on the size of the compartments chosen, they may be suitable for storing essentials such as wallets, phones and keys or may be able to store larger belongings such as bags, gym kits, cycle helmets, etc. These cabinets are made of sheet steel with some larger modules providing ventilation to prevent moisture build up. The compartmentlockers can be fitted with a lock to suit your needs: a cylinder lock for single person use, hasp lock to accept the user’s own padlock or coin locks for public spaces.Choose versions that come in larger modules or individual cube lockers; you can place these lockers on the floor or mount them on the wall. Read more about each locker by clicking on its product specifications.


We provide a wide range of accessories for lockers. These include different types of locks, plastic key tags, bench frames and many more. Bench seats give users a place to sit while getting changed. Plastic key tags help for better identification and distinguishing between different key sets. For more information about school lockers, storage cabinets, mesh lockers and more you can contact us.